An enjoyable couple of hours at Castell02 in which I was inspired very much and have had much too think about with a view to applying in the next year or two.

Following on the success of its first year in 2016, STAMP: Castell02 Art Around the Castle returns from Friday 12th – Sunday 14th May 2017. Castell02 will showcase 16 artists and their work produced in response to Caernarfon, the castle, its stories and people.

We’re delighted that the event features different types of art from performance and digital projection, to sculpture and sound installation. The artists also include individuals at different stages of their career from award winning artists to recent graduates.

The artists involved with Castell02 are: Merel Bekking, Natasha Brooks, Laura Cameron, Llyr Erddyn Davies, Chris Tally Evans, Nikki Hill, William Hurt, Catrin Menai, Gill Murray, Siân Miriam Parry, Jonathan Polkest, Emrys Williams, Gwyn Williams, Jwls Williams & Matt Moate, and Sarah Williams.

The event will again coincide and link with the popular Caernarfon Food Festival which takes place over the same weekend on Friday 12th – Saturday 13th May, and STAMP’s Gefail Yr Ynys will also be open over the weekend demonstrating its forge and metalwork facilities. Visit the Food Festival website and STAMP Gefail Yr Ynys’ web pages for more information.

There are also opportunities for volunteers to help us deliver another successful Castell02, including meeting and greeting the general public, handing out tickets or explaining the artworks to the audience. You can download more information and an application form by following this link:  STAMP Castell02 Volunteer Description and Form_English

I bumped into Clare Turner, the Creative Manager and had quite an inspiring discussion with her about the difficulties of outdoor art and the concept of taking art into public spaces for everyone to see rather than just those who choose to go to a gallery.

IMG_4557Sian Miriam Parry – Dripping Tap Theatre

I was particularly moved by both performances I saw of Sian Miriam Parry.

Completely in awe of the crystal clarity in her voice and the power of her voice that echoed around Caernarfon Castle as she performed her piece.

Although it was all in Welsh and I had no idea what she was saying, I enjoyed the performance nonetheless.

Celf Yn Y Castell 2016

tumblr_o6nloviehS1vq1uz4o1_1280Having graduated with a BMus in Music from Goldsmiths, The University of London, artist and singer/songwriter Siân Miriam has developed a site-specific performance based on the format of a ‘tour’ of the castle. Using voice and song, she has created a persona which intices people to follow her. The performance “Turn” will make reference to the strong bardic tradition in Wales, merging Welsh mythology and contemporary ‘spoken word’ performance methods.

Chris Tally Evans – not seen

“Stories are the way I unlock the world, humour just one of many keys”

Chris Tally Evans is a performance / media artist, writer and equalities activist. His work has been featured internationally and on UK and international media. As well as broadcasting on BBC 2W, BBC Wales, ITV, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio 4, and BBC Radio 3 Chris’s work has been shown in Wales, the UK, America, Canada, New Zealand, Qatar, Poland and Finland. He has received a Major Creative Wales Award and a major commission for the London 2012 Festival.

Laura Cameron – Knitting

When I first came across this piece, I really thought that the artist had used rope and plaster sculptures. However it was on closer inspection that I realised the “rope” was actually knitted. I really liked the outline of the hand in the light of the windows.

Lost in the Wood was founded in 2013 when I discovered Soft Sculpture (crochet and needle felting) was what I loved and wanted to spend most of my time doing. Originally from Edinburgh, I’ve now settled in Caernarfon, North Wales where I’m constantly delighted by how much creativity & inspiring people are packed into the local area.

Sarah Williams – Grass
This piece reminded me of a similar piece I had seen in Scotland that uses mirror to reflect the landscape. I liked the fact that we were almost upon the piece before we saw it and the fact that it seemed to blend harmoniously into the castle surroundings although having a modern design feel to it.

Architecture students Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler have designed and built a mirrored lookout point in a Scottish national park that both frames and reflects views of the surrounding lochs and glens (+ slideshow).

Llyr Erddyn Davies – Flowers

I really enjoyed the drumming aspect of this piece, though I wasn’t quite sure about the connection between the flowers and the castle.

tumblr_o6nmfm8Dr81vq1uz4o1_r1_1280Celf Yn Y Castell 2016

Young sculptor Llyr Erddyn Davies has created a site-specific installation “28″:  Twenty-eight plaster casts of flagpole foundations are presented on individual mirrors arranged in a grid on the wooden floor of the Black Tower. The mirrors reflect the plaster casts, doubling their height, and capture the constantly changing reflections and light qualities of the surrounding space.

Natasha Brooks – Sea

Interested in the projection elements, I really enjoyed spending time with this piece. The audio was only partially working, however I found the buzzing sound quite meditative. I really enjoyed this piece, however it did remind me of the Light Choreographies, Pontio 2017  by Angela Davies. Very Inspiring for me!

Natasha Brooks is a film maker and visual artist based on Anglesey, North Wales. Her film work has received various awards including the BMC Women In Adventure Film award and the BMC Peoples choice award 2015 and has made the official selection of many film festivals including BANFF Canada, KMF, SHAFF, New York Wild Festival, and many more. Her film BlueHue has toured over 40 countries world wide with the BANFF World Tour and has been broadcast on Channel 4 in November 2016 as part of the ‘Life on The Edge’ series.

Jonathan Polkest – not seen

b.Isles of Scilly Cornwall, U.K.
Visual artist, Set Design and tutor.

Two dimensional paintings currently textiles bias with references to drawing and to crafting as well as to the actual performative activity of working, playing and the environment.

Gill Murray – not seen

Gillian Murray was born in Perth, Scotland in 1970. She studied Fine Art (Printmaking) at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, graduating in 1993.

After a move to Edinburgh she became an employee at Edinburgh Printmakers in 1996 where she currently runs the screenprinting department. This involves working on print projects with a host of local, national and international artists as well as teaching courses in screenprinting and collagraphs.

Will Hurt

I think these pictures are from Will Hurt’s piece. I thought this piece was pretty cool to be honest. I liked the minimalist lines and the colour that the light gives off. Inspiring for me moving forward towards more projection, interactivity and lighting.

Gwyn Williams – not seen

From Coleg Menai, Bangor

Catrin Menai and Hywel Edwards – not seen

Catrin Menai is a multi disciplinary artist currently based in North Wales.

Hywel Edwards is a visual artist based in Wales, United Kingdom. Particularly interested in old copyright free images of Wales and re-interpreting them in..

Emrys Williams – Tsunami

I was really interested to see this piece of work by Emrys as it was quite unlike anything of his I had seen before. It had been raining when we arrived here and there were puddles with reflection of the boats, the whole scene looked completely like wreckage.

 Emrys Williams was born in Liverpool in 1958 and moved with his family to Colwyn Bay on the North Wales coast in 1969. He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, London (1976-1980). He has worked as a half time lecturer at Coleg Menai, Bangor since 1990, currently as joint co-ordinator on the Ba Fine Art programme.

 He has has exhibited widely in Britain and has shown in important group exhibitions including the 12th Liverpool John Moores Painting Exhibition (1982) where he was a prizewinner and the Serpentine Summer Show (1983). He has held three one man shows in London at the Benjamin Rhodes Gallery and has had major public touring shows including “Sunny Spells” (1995) organised by Oriel Mostyn/Berwick Gymnasium Gallery, touring to MAC Birmingham, the Glynn Vivian Swansea and Turner House Penarth, “Various Fictions” (1998) Collins Gallery, Glasgow and”Emrys Williams – Recent Paintings” (2003) Oriel Davies, Newtown.

He has also worked with opera as artist in residence at the Welsh National Opera and film projects such As “Sunny Spells A Game for Optimists” with Director Paul Islwyn Thomas.

His work is in many public collections such as the Arts Council of England, the Government Art Collection, the National Museum of Wales and the Metropolitan Museum , New York.

Merel Bekking

I thought this piece was really quite inventive and I liked the use of plumbing materials.


downloadFollowing on the success of its first year in 2016, STAMP: Castell02 Art Around the Castle returns from Friday 12th – Sunday 14th May 2017.

Castell02 will showcase 16 artists and their work produced in response to Caernarfon, the castle, its stories and people.

Caernarfon Castle Story

Although this is not part of the exhibition, I was intrigued to see this given my interest in projection. I was fascinated to see how this had been put together and projected in the space it was in.


  1. Interesting reading:)
    Could you correct a bit of info regarding Sarah Williams, the details you have entered in your text are incorrect:

    Sarah Williams is a curator, writer, artist and is currently Head of Programme, Jerwood Visual Arts.


    This is a different Sarah Williams
    The one you are describing is at this website:


    1. Hi Peter Absolutely – Apologies and Thank You for the correction – This has been updated.



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