Draft Research Question and Abstract – Version 0

An Object is just an Object, or is it? By examining the art of Christian Boltanski and Joseph Beuys this paper will argue that successful associations can be made with the larger collective memory through the use of insignificant, inauthentic objects. This analysis will be completed within the theoretical concepts of memory defined by Marcel […]

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Unit 1 Work Schedule – Draft 3

The following outlines the proposed work schedule for use moving forward. This is a working document and will change as time passes.See Also: Skype Meetings – Year 1, Term 1 Skype Meetings – Year 1, Term 2 Date Proposed Work Actual Work 02/10/2018 Presentation Prepared Symposium Presentation 09/10/2018 Presentation Prepared Symposium Presentation 16/10/2018  Liverpool Trip […]

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