LLAWN: John Street Project

It was a pleasure to be a part of the John Street Project at LLAWN in Llandudno in September 2018. Below are some images of my work on display.


Nascent Inclinations

nascent inclinationsI was fortunate enough to  be nomatinated for inclusion the the regional degree show, Nascent Inclinations exhibition at Ty Pawb in Wrexham, an exhibition of work from emerging artists across the North West region of England and from North Wales. Contributing Universities were Wrexham Glyndwr University, Liverpool Hope University, Aberystwyth University, University of Chester, Grŵp Llandrillo Menai and Liverpool John Moores University.

I also was asked to be the representative for Grŵp Llandrillo Menai and the liason with the organisers at Ty Pawb, providing information such as Artist Statements, Artwork Specifics and Images for the nominated artists, myself, Jasmine Dawson and Gwenllian Griffith to Ty Pawb and organsing the collection of work, both before and after the exhibition.

I produced the following pdf with details of all the artists work, so that it would be easier for the organisers at Ty Pawb to see the work available at Coleg Menai.

Below are the initial details put forward of my own work.

  • Three fabric banners, 1 measures 5m (w) x 1.4m (h), 2 measure 1.4m (w) x 1m (h)
  • Three Photographic Prints each measuring 841mm (w) x 594mm (h)
  • Artist Book measuring 30 cm square.
  • Two Video Pieces, one is currently projected the other on a TV, can be provided on DVD or USB if required. Below are the links to the videos on Vimeo.
  • https://vimeo.com/273187817
  • https://vimeo.com/273186821
  • Floor Piece – this is also attached to a wall with plumbing fixtures and measures approximately 3m square, if this is required.
My Artist Statement is also included below:

Below are images of my work on display at Ty Pawb.




We’re From Further South Than You

June 2018

My work was accepted for this exhibition and put on display with the other members of CARN exhibiting at Undegun in Swansea before being moved to Undegun in Wrexham.

26th May 2018

I decided to apply for this opportunity. It is short notice, however I do have work that I can put into the exhibition.


21st May 2018

I received an email today from CARN about an exhibition at Elysium Gallery, Swansea with CARN, CALL, UndegUn and others. The email was to invite people to express an interest in exhbiting.


Ty Menai Exhibition

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Having been several months in the planning, today was the day that we hung our exhibition at Ty Menai on the Parc Menai Estate in Bangor. Successful hanging where everyone worked well together to get the exhibition in place.

Creative Activism LLandudno

5th April 2018

I attended the Artist Talk with Ailie Rutherford, Liam Geary Baulch and Rosana Cade.

unnamedAilie Rutherford continues  to explore creative methods and approaches to activism, looking at how this exciting mix of activists, campaigners, disrupters and creative people work together.

In April Ailie has invited artists Liam Geary Baulch and Rosana Cade.

Liam Geary Baulch is an artist and activist, working with the structures of dance and song to creatively engage audiences in climate change, activism and other questions about the world. @GearyBaulch

Art the Arms Fair is a project which aims to expose the worlds largest arms fair by hosting a diverse cultural event attracting wider audiences than traditional protest, in 2017 they hosted poets, musicians, comedians, and exhibited 146 art works including an original Banksy which raised £205,000 for anti-arms campaigns at auction. @ArtTheArmsFair

Rosana Cade is a performance maker based in Glasgow. Whilst the form of her performance work varies and emerges in relation to the specific process or context she is engaging with, it is firmly rooted in a queer feminist discourse and straddles live art and activism.

ʻWalking:Holdingʼ is a subtle, experiential performance that involves one audience member at a time walking through the city holding hands with a range of different people on a carefully designed route. Born out of a series of ʻholding hands experimentsʼ in Glasgow, with both same sex and mixed sex couples, the piece asks people to challenge prejudices in the flesh, and experience first hand what it is to walk in someone elseʼs shoes – or hands.

Liam Geary Baulch

Liam spoke about the Arms at the Arts Fair Exhibition which formed part of a series of protests against the Arms Fair that is regularly held in London. A call out for work was placed for Activism related works and a diverse collection of work was collected, from known names such as the Geurilla Girls and Banksy to students and members of the general public.

Whilst the world’s largest arms fair is selling weapons at the ExCel Centre, Art the Arms Fair will be highlighting the inhumanity of the arms trade through an art exhibition.

Art created at the Day of Creative Action, work that has been sent by artists across the UK, and art from the local community will be exhibited. The art works will be for sale to support the work of Campaign Against Arms Trade.


Rosana Cade

Rosana discussed her work called Walking – Holding where members of the public held hands with participants and walked through the streets along a predefined route providing the opportunity to experience their surroundings from someone elses perspective.

For the past five years, I have been touring Walking:Holding, which takes one audience member at a time on a walk through their town or city, and invites them to hold hands with six different individuals along the way. The hand-holders are local participants who range in age, gender, race, sexuality and background. The idea is to give people an opportunity to experience their hometown from someone else’s perspective; and to see what can happen when you share an intimate act with a complete stranger.

I developed the performance in Glasgow in response to my own experiences. My first girlfriend was much older than me and wanted to hold my hand everywhere, which was fine in London but felt completely different and difficult in the small Hertfordshire town where I grew up. Another partner in Glasgow preferred not to draw attention to herself. Hand-holding always felt like a complex act – the tussle between visibility and risk, public and private intimacy, activism and fear.


13th March 2018

I returned to attend the workshop with Conwy Peace Group. I found the general discussion around potential ideas for artistic and creative ways to protest against Armed Forces Day.

9th March 2018

Tonight was the Opening Night for the Creative Activism Exhibition at Tedder House in Llandudno.

I provided the six pieces of work that I had offered for the exhibition. Also I took along the sketchbook from the same project and the video from my Extended Practice module.

Below is the link to the video I submitted on Vimeo.

6th March 2018

Below is the content of the email I sent to Culture Action Llandudno submitting work to be exhibited in the Art Activism Exhibition on Friday 9th March 2018.

Hello there

I am writing to ask if I may exhibit some work at the Art Activism Exhibition Open Evening this coming Friday. I am a final year student on the BA (Hons) Fine Art degree at Coleg Menai.
Attached are some images of the pieces I would like to exhibit. As a group of work they are called “No Pun(k) Intended” and each piece is A3 portrait in size. They are all mounted on Foam Board and can either be affixed directly to a wall or hung onto cup hooks using bull dog clips.
I have also attached an Artist Statement and Biography too.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Wishes
Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright

Fine Artist
07912 733371

Below are the pieces of work that I have submitted.

Visual Arts Open, Chester

6th April 2018


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for entering the VAO Prize 2018.

I am pleased to announce that your application has been selected to go through to the next stage of the competition which is determined by the judging panel.

Our judges are meeting on the 20th of April to select our Finalists and you will be notified of their decisions after this date.

The standard of entries this year is extremely high and, artists who are successful will be entered into the final stage of the competition (Finalists).

The overall winners will then be announced at the Finalist Exhibition at Chester Arts Fair 2018 (16-18th November, at Chester Racecourse). This year we will also be holding a VAO Finalist Exhibition at the Chester Cathedral (26-29th October 2018).

The judges will be looking at your work in detail and if you have additional images of your work that you think will help highlight its quality, detail or scale, please send this to us within a week of today.

Kind regards


Visual Art Open

Jasmine Collins – Events & Marketing Assistant

T: 01244 952020 I  E: info@visualartopen.com W: www.visualartopen.com

Suite C, 2nd Floor, 9 Abbey Square, Chester, CH1 2HU

27th February 2018

I decided to apply for the Visual Art Open in Chester and the following pieces were included in my application – the printed web page shown below.

Resting Place

  • £100
  • 594 mm (W) x 420 mm (H)
  • Laminated Photograph on Foam Board

In response to the events at Treweryn in the 1960’s where the local population was evicted and the valley, their home was flooded to provide water to the people of Liverpool. The village of Capel Celyn was destroyed and many of the graves remain under water to this day.

Artwork 1 - Resting Place - Michelle Wright

Left Behind

  • £100
  • 594 mm (W) x 420 mm (H)
  • Laminated Photograph on Foam Board

Left behind references the many objects from daily life that must have been left behind when the villagers from Capel Celyn were evicted to make way for the strongly opposed reservoir Llyn Celyn in the 1960’s.

Artwork 2 - Left Behind - Michelle Wright.JPG



  • £100
  • 594 mm (W) x 420 mm (H)
  • Laminated Photograph on Foam Board

Drowning alludes to the sense of helplessness that the villagers of Capel Celyn must have felt when they were evicted and their valley flooded to provide water to Liverpool. The Treweryn Bill was passed in parliament and local opposition to the bill was ignored.

Artwork 3 - Drowning - Michelle Wright

Student Wall @ Galeri Caernarfon

6th April 2018

I contacted Lisa and asked about removing the work, as today is the final day of the agreed contract period. However due to other circumstances I have been asked to leave the work up for the time being.

20th March 2018

img_5639I finished adding images to the wall in preparation for the Easter holidays. There was a small issue that turned out to be a non-issue as far as I was concerned. Someone had complained about the content of one of my images and I was asked to remove it. I was however quite proud of the fact that the image had created such a reaction.

13th March 2018

Today I added the work I have done in the past week to the Student Wall. I am really pleased with the outcome. Lisa very kindly translated my Artist Statement into Welsh.

6th March 2018


Over the weekend, I prepared several images from my photography session up at Capel Celyn and added them to the student wall. Very Pleased with the result. My next step is to begin working with the slogans used in the protests at Capel Celyn.

I also added a Brief Biography and Artist Statement to the wall.

The Drowning of Treweryn                                              Michelle Wright

This collection of work is part of a broader body of work which will be on display at the final exhibition at Coleg Menai, Bangor in June. The events that occurred at Treweryn in the 1960’s are relevant to the location of North Wales, with political context, not only historically but to the present day.

In 1965 Llyn Celyn was created, a reservoir that filled the Treweryn Valley. The village of Capel Celyn was drowned to provide water for Liverpool. Nevertheless, it seems that Liverpool then sold the water onto other regions in the country. These events were significant politically sparked by the Treweryn Bill. Passed in parliament this bill allowed the Liverpool Corporation to bypass local planning laws. The wishes of the Welsh people were ignored and plans continued to turn the valley into a reservoir.

Still a current topic, having recently passed a 50-year anniversary and with Brexit looming, Wales still does not have control of its own water. There are plans for this to change as a result of Brexit and claims that this could never happen again. However, with Devolution, the Welsh could categorically ensure this never happens again.

I am most touched by the unanswered protests of the residents and the fact that many of the family graves are still underwater. There continue to be many personal accounts from people who were and continue to be affected by this.

Liverpool Council did apologize in 2005, however this is widely seen as a political move with their bid for the Eisteddfod looming and too little too late.


Michelle Wright is currently in her final year of study towards a BA(Hons) Fine Art at Coleg Menai in Bangor North Wales. Photography and Video are core aspects of the artwork she produces. She considers all of her work to be of a humanitarian nature and a reflection of the way she sees the world. However, her work subconsciously considers social and political issues that arise as part of the practice she has developed.

27th February 2018

I added a mood board to the Student Wall as a starting point for this project.

22nd February 2018

Today I met with Lisa and signed the contract for the student wall at Galeri. We also discussed my ideas for the wall. My final intention is to fill the entire wall with preparatory material towards my final exhibition in June.

17th February 2018

I was contacted today by Lisa, the curator at Galeri to ask if I was still interested in working on the student wall. Short notice, but basically starting immediately. Although nervous I’ve decided to give it a go. I previously had an idea for this wall, so I plan to resurrect this idea and expand on it so that I can use it to practice a technique that I plan on using for my final piece.


Friday 2nd February 2018

Proud Moment – I attended the opening of Aperture at Balaclava in Caernarfon. While talking to the organisers it came into conversation that the chair and suitcase used in the photographs were in my car, so they asked me to bring them in and display them with the rest of the exhibition.

Monday 29th January 2018

Prepared my hanging instructions, packed my work and delivered it all to Galeri to be collected by Becs and Menna on Wednesday. Here are the hanging instructions I produced.

Michelle Wright – Hanging Instructions for Aperture

Please contact Michelle on shesafineartist@gmail.com or 07912 733371 if there are any issues.

Contents of Box

  • Lost – A2 Photograph on Mount Board.
  • Betwixt – A2 Photograph on Mount Board.
  • .Hope – A2 Photograph on Mount Board.
  • Nine Small Bulldog Clips (3 extra if required).
  • Nine Small Hooks (3 extra if required).
  • Outsider Video on DVD
  • White Bush TV and DVD Combi with Stand, White Remote Control and Power Cable.
  • Wall Mount suitable for the TV and DVD Combi.
  • Bush Headphones
  • Large Hook to hang headphones on.

Hanging Instructions – Photographs

  • Photographs are to have two bulldog clips (supplied) each and be hung onto the supplied hooks.
  • Please hang the photographs in the order shown below.

Hanging Instructions – Outsider Video on DVD

  • The DVD player can either be used on the stand or with the Wall Mount (supplied).
  • The headphones are to be attached to the DVD player and there is a hook supplied to hang them on.
  • The Remote Control is only required for switching the DVD player on.
  • The DVD will start automatically and will loop continuously.

Mum Mam Dumb Damn

26th January 2018: Reflection

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Eli Acheson and the other people involved in this project. Being able to use my video skills for someone else has given me an increased feeling of confidence in the marketable skills that I have.

The potential for future collaboration discussed with Eli is something very clearly to look forward too. I’m really glad that Eli was happy with the work that I produced for her.

Being able to work on video in a creative way, yet utilising the professionalism from my career in the software industry certainly has shown me that these two aspects of my working life can co-exist very easily.

I feel very proud of the video’s I have produced for Eli, something I probably wouldn’t have vocalised in earlier years.

I also really valued the opportunity to work at Galeri in Caernarfon again and hope that they will consider me again for future projects.

24th January 2018

After discussing the video clips that I had produced earlier, I then had some editing to do. Primarily to create a documentary style piece of the performance and to add titles to specific clips that I had created.

One Minute Film Festival

I decided to apply for the One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival.

One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival North Wales will take place in February 2018. The festival focuses on artists moving image within

the duration of 60 seconds. One minute videos by  national and international artists will be screening throughout the weekend. Please check our website, facebook and twitter for updates.

The films I had submitted to the One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival were accepted for inclusion in the festival. Below is the email response from Kerry on behalf of the One Minute Team.

Dear Michelle,
We are pleased to notify you that your films Evacuee Parts 1, 2 and 3 have been selected to screen at
The One Minute Artists Moving Image Festival, North Wales
The festival will take place: Friday evening 23rd through to Sunday 25th and I will email you with more information soon regarding times and venues. I hope you will be able to come along.
best wishes, Kerry,
For and behalf of The One Minute Team

The films I submitted were a collection of Evacuee films based around the events of the evacuation of children during WWII from Liverpool to Caernarfon.

My Film details included in the application are:

A collection of three videos that explores the historical events associated with the evacuation of children from British inner cities during the Second World War.

Many children were evacuated from Liverpool to towns and villages across the North Wales coast, including Caernarfon. This video collection reflects on their journey from Liverpool to North Wales, from the city to the countryside.

After reading many personal accounts of these events, a collection of bi-lingual statements was devised. These portray the general sentiment felt by the evacuees, their parents and the prospective foster communities.

Archive footage has been mixed with current recordings and textual statements. This video collection conveys the experiences of those evacuated to North Wales during the Second World War.

This work is inspired by the film making of Emily Jacir and John Akomfrah. The videos tell a story about a group of displaced British children evacuated from their homes that is not often heard.

Also included in the application was a brief biography.

Michelle Wright is currently in her final year of study towards a BA(Hons) Fine Art at Coleg Menai in Bangor North Wales. Photography and Video are core aspects of the artwork she produces. She considers all of her work to be of a humanitarian nature and a reflection of the way she sees the world. However, her work subconsciously considers social and political issues that arise as part of the practice she has developed.