Tutorial – 21/06/19

Today’s discussion began with the video pieces in these two blog posts. Wildling Video Experimentation 1 Wildling Video Experimentation 2 These videos have been created from a preliminary set of footage that was shot in my back garden and my plans are to shoot video with the Wildling on site and also using green screen. Jonathan observed the progression that I had intended moving throughout the nine videos and we spoke about the potential for further development. Some of the discussion was spent comparing the two video’s (6 and 9) in the second blog post and the potential for continuing…

Wildling Video Experimentation 1

Having completed constructing the Wildling, I persuaded my daughter to wear the costume for me to take some preliminary photos and videos ready for me to begin editing. Below are some of the experimental video’s that I have produced so far. See Wildling Video Experimentation 2. Focus for theses videos has been experimenting with video effects and the potential for future videos dealing more specifically with the narrative I have in mind.

Skype Meetings – Term 3

14th May 2019 General Discussion introducing the Research Paper and the requirements for such. The research question will define what your paper explores…a rough example of the process of formulating a question might be: Find a broad subject area Narrow this interest to a specific topic Question that topic from several viewpoints Choose the question whose answer is the most significant to you https://www.artbusiness.com/artwriter.html https://www.arts.ac.uk/library http://www.zotero.org http://bit.ly/2018-19-useful-talks

Thinking about Thinking

Critical Thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue, using questioning, arguments and conclusions to form objective, reasoned logical judgements that are well thought out and without bias. Good Critical Thinkers are: Rational, being able to think clearly and independently about what to do or believe. Analytical, being able to carefully examine and interpret information to understand the logical connections between ideas what it represents and make an informed judgement. Effective communicators, being able to interact and collaborate with others verbally and in writing to explain thinking, express opinions and share ideas to provide solutions to the given…