At today’s tutorial Jonathan and I had the opportunity to discuss where I am at with everything at the moment and in particular in consideration of the fact that I am in the middle of a house/job move to Scotland and the impact that this has had on my practice.

Despite the fact that I have been packing up my house, I was able to reassure Jonathan that I was on track with the research paper and that I intended handing this in on time in the coming week. Jonathan did offer the option of an extension, however I was keen to try and make the current deadline, particularly given that I was at the stage where every time I worked on my research paper, I was beginning to make radical changes and I felt that more time would not necessarily produce better results. Fortunately I have been working on my research paper all summer and this has benefitted me at this late stage when my personal circumstances, in effect the house move is having to take a priority.

I was able to discuss with Jonathan the impact of writing the research paper at the stage and the effect that it will have on my forthcoming practice. In effect, I am more aware of placing my artwork into a theoretical context and reflecting more deeply on both Mona Hatoum and Christian Boltanski has given me food for thought, particularly for using the senses as layers in an artwork.

I am already planning my artwork for the forthcoming months once my move is finally over at the start of November and plan on printing large scale on fabric some of the images that I had produced using Citrasolv with the intention of working with stitch on the images, I also plan to work with silicone and more specifically with resin. My intention is to focus more deeply on the video aspects of my work in preparation for the final show next year.

Jonathan reassured me that these life situations that appear will give us additional depth to our practice and that it would be interesting to see where I take the work next. We agreed it would be good to continue to keep the spiritual aspect to my work a part of what I am doing and I considered the fact that this house move and return to Scotland will bear some impact on my work moving forward.

Edit 4/11/19: Further to the thinking above on where my work might go, it’s now become apparent to me as I spend my first week in Scotland that I no longer feel an affinity with the displaced, given my return to my homeland and I feel a sense of emergence which is very definitely going to impact my work moving forward.

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