Celebrating Women

Update – October 2018

The Conwy Festival is now over and the short film was projected in Conwy. I am really pleased to say my video was included in the film.

Conway Projection

I was really pleased to have the opportunity to send a video to Lisa Carter and Joel Cockrill to include in a short film about women’s voices that will be projected onto Conwy Civic Hall during the Conwy Festival in September. The film will combine contemporary with archive footage. Particular interest was in women who had participated in the Processions march and also those who felt the ability to vote had made a difference in their lives.

Here are the questions we were asked to comment on:

  1. What does voting mean to you and why is it important?
  2. Do you remember casting your first vote?
  3. What does it mean to be a woman/girl in 2018?

My one minute selfie video is below.

LLAWN: John Street Project

It was a pleasure to be a part of the John Street Project at LLAWN in Llandudno in September 2018. Below are some images of my work on display.


ELAN Valley Artist Residency

July 2018 Update: Unfortunately I was not successful on this occasion and on reflection I do see that I was probably competing against much more experienced artists and that I have little experience in Community Engagement. However the organisers of the Artist Residency will be contacting me directly when the next round of applications opens.

June 2018: I was really keen to apply for the ELAN Valley Artist Residency in 2018, particularly given my recent work on Tryweryn and my desire to continue the theme.

My Application Statement is outlined below along with the supporting images:

Weaving traditional with contemporary, historical with current, I am interested in the integrative nature of digital technology as a way of extending the media used as part of my visual art practice. Particular processes of interest are Printmaking, Sculpture, installation and digital art practices, film and photography.  Possessing a keen sense of attention to detail and a strong research ethic. I have recently focussed my artwork around social and/or cultural issues reflecting on historical events that continue to be of relevance in today’s society. In particular, there are two projects that are relevant to this application.

The first body of work relating to the Elan Valley Project comprises artwork that was completed in Spring 2017 for a student exhibition about Caernarfon at Galeri, Caernarfon. This piece, inspired by Hannah Hoch, explores the historical events associated with the evacuation of children from British inner cities during the Second World War.

Many children were evacuated from Liverpool to towns and villages across the North Wales Coast, including Caernarfon. This story, although historical has relevance today, given the issues of migration and displacement that continue to dominate the media. Historical artefacts were gathered from the time period of World War 2 that related to the theme of the evacuation of children. Primarily a suitcase, a gas mask and a child’s jacket, leaflets and photographs.

Evacuee Assemblage 2

To provide some clarity to the research, I decided to assemble a mood board. This provided the impetus to produce an assemblage of historical artefacts, photographs and leaflets from the time. This was all stitched together in the form of a map of the UK, with the stitching closely resembling train tracks. I also produced an accompanying book and video that reflected on an unaccompanied child’s journey from Liverpool to Caernarfon. After reading many personal accounts of these events. I devised a collection on bi-lingual statements that appear to reflect the general sentiment felt by the evacuees, their families and their prospective foster communities. These were subsequently used in both the video and the book.

Determining a theme that linked the historical events of the Second World War with current situations piqued a new found research interest. Honouring our heritage by remembering historical events that continue to be of relevance today. These events often determine the future, however progression is sometimes slow and similar situations or events continue to arise.

The next body of work of pertinence to the Elan Valley Residency comprises the artwork I completed during the Spring of 2018. A site-specific piece about the construction of the reservoir Llyn Celyn, flooding the Tryweryn Valley and demolishing the village of Capel Celyn in the process. This piece represents a continuation of an ongoing theme relating to displacement. In this case, the passing of the Tryweryn Bill that lead to the displacement of the village residents to provide water to Liverpool. Approximately 70 years earlier an Act of Parliament had been passed to provide water to Birmingham from the Elan Valley.

Initial focus for this project was on the effects of this controversial scheme on the local community. Of particular interest were the protests and rallies that took place against the Tryweryn Dam project that ultimately led to calls for devolution in Wales.

Inspired by the artist Tim Davis, who uses film, photography and installation to respond to and represent specific sites of interest. Davis also produced a piece called Capel Celyn. He cast 5000 wax nails based on a rusty nail found on the bed of Llyn Celyn during a period of drought.

Many visits to Llyn Celyn were undertaken so that the current aspect of this piece of work was a response to the site itself. Found Objects of note were taken to the site and photographed to create a record of site-specific intervention and response. This is a line of research that I intend to continue.

Two Visual Boards were created using original media photographs to describe the sense of emotion that the project had provoked in the local community. These mood boards were then photographed, and the photographs used in a 5-metre Digital Collage that seeks to remember the protests that took place at the time. Additional Banners were also printed as an accompaniment.

Celyn Collage

The essence of the work I have created for the Tryweryn work has formed the basis for the ideas presented for the proposed community engagement for the Elan Valley Project. The proposed programme of events I would create for the Elan Valley Project could become a template that can be used in the future for other site specific works with community engagement.

I first became aware the Elan Valley Project when researching the construction of the dams in the Elan Valley and was immediately interested. The Elan Valley Project would give me the opportunity and experience of working external agencies in an artistic capacity.

Having recently been awarded a First Class BA (Hons) Fine Art, I am eager to develop my skills and a practising Fine Artist and the experience of being an Artist in Residence for the Elan Valley Project will help me to achieve this. I am really excited at the thought that I might be able work as an Artist in Residence for this project, achieving a personal goal in the process.

I anticipate that it presents many opportunities for personal growth, development and collaboration particularly with my desire to work further with site specific art and the creation of temporary interventions for the purposes of photography, video and printmaking – extending the media beyond traditional artistic processes.

In my Technical career of some 20 plus years I have worked as a Software Trainer providing training and workshops. I also trained as a Yoga Teacher during this time and taught Yoga for a period of 10 years delivering classes and workshops. Moving forward, I am keen to begin developing workshops and events as an Artist in my local area, improving my Community Engagement Skills and Curatorial Skills.

I was also asked to “outline ideas of how you may engage with local communities and the legacy of your time in the Elan Valley”

Below are my initial thoughts on a programme of community involvement in my proposed residency at the Elan Valley Project.

I anticipate that over the six months I would stay in the area on approximately 10 occasions to develop art work and run interaction with the local schools and community centres in the form of a community project that culminates in an exhibition of digital fabric banners. The artistic purpose of the project would be to create a greater awareness of the integration of digital technology with more traditional artistic processes.

A programme of events and workshops would be developed to run in the local school community and the local adult community consecutively. The intention of the workshops would be to develop a collection of community artwork that could be included in the digital fabric banners.

A series of workshops where people can create vision boards reflecting the Elan Links goals and the intention of the Elan Valley Project a given theme throughout the programme of workshops. The overall intention of this programme is to create an exhibition of banners that reflect the community response to the given theme. The community will be encouraged to take photographs and create drawings and paintings of the area in between sessions that they can use as part of the visual boards.

Once the workshops come to an end, I envisage photographing each of the boards individually to create the digital imagery to be displayed as banners.

I can provide peer to peer mentoring at the community centre for those interested in improving their digital skills or those who need help and assistance with their digital technology. This is an important way that I can share my digital knowledge on to fellow artists, members of the local community and visitors to the area.

Ongoing throughout the project, I would hope to have access to a wall in the community centre that could be the focus of the project where ongoing work could be displayed.

To bring the project to a culmination, I would create a collection of digital collages that can then be printed on fabric.

A competition would be run for the best three visual boards for both the schools and the local community groups; these would then be printed as individual fabric banners and included in the exhibition.

A Social Media campaign will also be run throughout the project with regular posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with a weekly blog post.

Nascent Inclinations

nascent inclinationsI was fortunate enough to  be nomatinated for inclusion the the regional degree show, Nascent Inclinations exhibition at Ty Pawb in Wrexham, an exhibition of work from emerging artists across the North West region of England and from North Wales. Contributing Universities were Wrexham Glyndwr University, Liverpool Hope University, Aberystwyth University, University of Chester, Grŵp Llandrillo Menai and Liverpool John Moores University.

I also was asked to be the representative for Grŵp Llandrillo Menai and the liason with the organisers at Ty Pawb, providing information such as Artist Statements, Artwork Specifics and Images for the nominated artists, myself, Jasmine Dawson and Gwenllian Griffith to Ty Pawb and organsing the collection of work, both before and after the exhibition.

I produced the following pdf with details of all the artists work, so that it would be easier for the organisers at Ty Pawb to see the work available at Coleg Menai.

Below are the initial details put forward of my own work.

  • Three fabric banners, 1 measures 5m (w) x 1.4m (h), 2 measure 1.4m (w) x 1m (h)
  • Three Photographic Prints each measuring 841mm (w) x 594mm (h)
  • Artist Book measuring 30 cm square.
  • Two Video Pieces, one is currently projected the other on a TV, can be provided on DVD or USB if required. Below are the links to the videos on Vimeo.
  • https://vimeo.com/273187817
  • https://vimeo.com/273186821
  • Floor Piece – this is also attached to a wall with plumbing fixtures and measures approximately 3m square, if this is required.
My Artist Statement is also included below:

Below are images of my work on display at Ty Pawb.




We’re From Further South Than You

June 2018

My work was accepted for this exhibition and put on display with the other members of CARN exhibiting at Undegun in Swansea before being moved to Undegun in Wrexham.

26th May 2018

I decided to apply for this opportunity. It is short notice, however I do have work that I can put into the exhibition.


21st May 2018

I received an email today from CARN about an exhibition at Elysium Gallery, Swansea with CARN, CALL, UndegUn and others. The email was to invite people to express an interest in exhbiting.


Degree Show – Proposal

Module: Independent Study 2 Exhibit ( 40 credit) level 6
Name: Michelle Wright
Proposal & Context (what is the intended context of the proposal and what is the background thinking informing your decisions?):
For my final exhibition I am intending to maintain my current line of investigation, that of displacement, whilst making work that is relevant to the location of North Wales, with political context, not only historically but to the present day.

In 1965 Llyn Celyn was created, a reservoir that filled the Treweryn Valley and drowned the village of Capel Celyn to provide water for Liverpool, who it seems then sold the water onto other regions in the country. These events were significant politically, sparked by the Treweryn Bill passed in parliament which allowed the Liverpool Corporation of the time to bypass local planning laws and the wishes of the Welsh people and to continue with their plans to turn the valley into a reservoir.

Still a current topic, having recently passed a 50-year anniversary and with Brexit looming, Wales still does not have control of its own water. There are plans for this to change as a result of Brexit and claims that this could never happen again. However, with Devolution, the Welsh could categorically ensure that this never happens again.

This is a story I have had much empathy for, since childhood.

I am most touched by the unanswered protests of the residents, the fact that many of the family graves are still underwater, and the many personal accounts of the people who were and continue to be affected by this.

Liverpool Council did apologize in 2005, however this is widely seen as a political move with their bid for the Eisteddfod looming and too little to late.

Media & Methods (what kind of media, (in addition to sketchbooks) is going to be used – site specific work using ‘found materials’ or indigenous materials, paint, video, constructional-type materials/sculptural materials?):
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Found Materials/Objects
Aims & Outcomes (what kind of work is expected – painting, sculpture, photography, installation, combined media, performance, documentary, image/text etc?):
Completed work will be an installation that combines Video, Photography and Found Materials.

  • A0/A2 photographs on Foam Board
  • Gursky-esque piece 2.4m by 1.2m using water bottles
  • Objects collected during the project
  • Video
  • Floor piece using water bottles
Supporting Research (which artists, galleries/visits, articles, websites, journals etc will be collected and collated to show relevant research has taken place – this can go in the sketchbook or in a separate file?):
  • Andreas Gursky – this research is about technique most specifically.
  • Ivan Henriques – landscape and memory artist
  • Iwan Bala – welsh artist and writer
  • Cerith Wyn Evan – installation artist
  • Tim Davies – Swansea
  • Beca Group
    • Ivor Davies
    • Paul Davies
    • Peter Davies
    • David Garner
  • Iwan Bala
  • Book – Welsh Artists talking by Tim Curtis
Tutor comments:








Tutor signature:




Student signature:







Degree Show – Studio Work

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Final Completion of the Video’s for the exhibition and uploaded to Vimeo.

The Final TV Video being used in the Exhibition is shown below:

The Final Projection Video’s being used in the Exhibition is shown below:

Degree Show – Timesheet

Total Hours worked on Project 273
Date Work Completed Hours Total Hours
20/02/2018 Research, Studio Work, Proposal 6 6
22/02/2018 Research 4 10
24/02/2018 Site Visit (including travel) 6 16
27/02/2018 Mood Board Preparation 4 20
01/03/2018 Installing Mood Board at Galeri 2 22
03/03/2018 Photo Preparation for Galeri 3 25
04/03/2018 Photo Preparation for Galeri 3 28
06/03/2018 Studio/Galeri and Tutorial 6 34
08/03/2018 Textual Element Work 4 38
10/03/2018 Textual Element Preparation 3 41
13/03/2018 Research, Studio Work and Galeri 6 47
15/03/2018 Digital Photo Manipulation 4 51
17/03/2018 Digital Photo Manipulation 2 53
20/03/2018 Image Preparation for Transfer to Fabric 1 54
20/03/2018 Mood Board Preparation and Installation at Galeri 4 58
26/03/2018 Site Visit (including travel) 6 64
29/03/2018 Transferring Images onto Shirts 4 68
31/03/2018 Reflection – Water Bottles 2 70
03/04/2018 Transferring Images onto Shirts 3 73
05/04/2018 Photography with Shirts 3 76
07/04/2018 Site Visit (including travel) 6 82
10/04/2018 Studio Work and Tutorial 4 86
12/04/2018 Digital Collage Work 6 92
14/04/2018 Adding Images to Slates 3 95
17/04/2018 Studio Work and Tutorial 4 99
19/04/2018 Site Visit (including travel) 6 105
21/04/2018 Photography Review 3 108
24/04/2018 Tutorial, Studio Work 4 112
25/04/2018 Brochure Production 4 116
26/04/2018 Brochure Production 6 122
27/04/2018 Plumbing Experimentation 3 125
28/04/2018 Video Preparation 4 129
30/04/2018 Artist Statement Preparation 2 131
01/05/2018 Catalogue Preparation 5 136
02/05/2018 Press Release Preparation 2 138
03/05/2018 Catalogue Preparation and Order 3 141
03/05/2018 Business Card Ordering and Prints Ordering and Yophoto book, Linked In page. 8 149
04/05/2018 Ordered Yophoto book 2 151
05/05/2018 Video Preparation 5 156
06/05/2018 Stitched Banners and added Grommets and Video Work 7 163
08/05/2018 Clearing Studios 6 169
09/05/2018 Painting Studios 7.5 176.5
10/05/2018 Painting Studios 7.5 184
11/05/2018 Painting Studios 3 187
13/05/2018 Model Making and Sketchbook Preparation 7 194
15/05/2018 Studio Preparation 4 198
16/05/2018 Plumbing Mockup 2 200
17/05/2018 Plastwork Preparation 5 205
18/05/2018 Studio Experimentation 4 209
20/05/2018 Site Visit (including travel) 6 215
23/05/2018 Hanging work in Studio 5 220
24/05/2018 Plastwork Preparation 2 222
25/05/2018 Video Preparation 5 227
26/05/2018 Plastwork Preparation 3 230
27/05/2018 Video Preparation 5 235
28/05/2018 Video Preparation 5 240
29/05/2018 Exhibition Setup 6 246
30/05/2018 Exhibition Setup 6 252
02/06/2018 Final Preparation – Sketchbook 4 256
02/06/2018 Final Video Preparation 6 262
03/06/2018 Final Video Preparation 7 269
03/06/2018 Final Preparation – Blog and Sketchbook 4 273

Degree Show – Costings

Total Cost of Project  £ 3,549.62
Date Item Purchased Supplier  Cost  Total Cost
03/06/2018 Time @ £10 per hour M Wright  £2,730.00  £    2,730.00
27/02/2018 PET Bottles Ballihoo  £    12.90  £    2,742.90
02/03/2018 Foam Board Amazon  £    10.81  £    2,753.71
10/03/2018 Foam Board HobbyCraft  £    12.00  £    2,765.71
10/03/2018 Print Cartidges Amazon  £      7.99  £    2,773.70
16/03/2018 Print Cartidges Amazon  £      7.99  £    2,781.69
28/03/2018 Iron On Transfer Paper Amazon  £    15.95  £    2,797.64
10/04/2018 Fabric Banners Fabisimo (Print Fab)  £    46.27  £    2,843.91
10/04/2018 FreeStanding Airer Amazon  £    19.99  £    2,863.90
12/04/2018 Tarpaulin Clips Amazon  £      5.56  £    2,869.46
12/04/2018 Grommet Kit Amazon  £    12.74  £    2,882.20
12/04/2018 Printable Business Cards Amazon  £    12.05  £    2,894.25
12/04/2018 Print Cartidges Amazon  £      7.99  £    2,902.24
12/04/2018 Print Cartidges Amazon  £      7.99  £    2,910.23
12/04/2018 Pritt Stick Amazon  £      8.35  £    2,918.58
12/04/2018 Grommets Spare Amazon  £      2.82  £    2,921.40
13/04/2018 Fabric Banner Fabisimo (Print Fab)  £  105.29  £    3,026.69
14/04/2018 PET Bottles Ballihoo  £    12.90  £    3,039.59
28/04/2018 Plumbing Bits B&Q  £    21.59  £    3,061.18
28/04/2018 Table Community Furniture  £      5.00  £    3,066.18
03/05/2018 Prints – A1 Printed.com  £  108.00  £    3,174.18
03/05/2018 Perspex Shelf Amazon  £    18.05  £    3,192.23
03/05/2018 A6 Leaflet Holders Amazon  £      5.40  £    3,197.63
03/05/2018 Standoff Wall Mounts Amazon  £      8.99  £    3,206.62
03/05/2018 Flat Book Yophoto.com  £    88.99  £    3,295.61
03/05/2018 Business Cards Moo.com  £    31.99  £    3,327.60
08/05/2018 Decorating Materials B&Q  £    45.00  £    3,372.60
20/05/2018 Petrol for Site Visits Texaco  £  100.00  £    3,472.60
23/05/2018 Fixings B&Q  £    13.55  £    3,486.15
25/05/2018 T Shirts for Projection Amazon  £    14.92  £    3,501.07
28/05/2018 Plumbing and MDF B&Q  £    48.55  £    3,549.62

Degree Show – Marketing

1st June 2018 – Emerge Social Media Accounts

15th May 2018

Exhibition Meeting:

We discussed further the issues surrounding vinyl lettering and the banner. We came to a decision about what we require. Tiffany has also sent out a final contact list that the invites will be going to.

Helen also confirmed that the Press Release has gone to the media department and will be on the gllm website soon.

Hi Everyone,
Sorry this one is a bit late! So just to summarise everything from our last group meeting… We have decided on a banner for our downstairs logo and names, then having vinyl lettering in our individual spaces. Please let Hannah know if you need more than one name for individual spaces.
I have created the invites and will send you all a copy of the invite so you can check it before they get sent out Friday morning. The attached document is the final contact list that I currently have, if anyone wants to add any more names to the list then please email me by tomorrow (Thursday) with name and email address.  
Thanks everyone!

10th May 2018

The Catalogues have arrived – Yay! I informed everyone by email and will hand them out to everyone at the next meeting.


8th May 2018

Exhibition Meeting:

  • I forwarded the remaining monies to Hannah Mudd so that she can begin to look at the vinyl lettering required.
  • Gwenllian demonstrated the Emerge Website.
  • Tiffany also said she will start work on the invites.
  • We decided that the 18th May 2018 will be the invite sending out day.
Hi everyone,
So just to sum everything up, Hannah has agreed to do our vinyls for us and I have given her the list of how you would prefer your name to be displayed. We should have enough left in our money pot to cover the costs of the vinyls and to also buy some flowers and a card for Helen as a thank you for the past three years.
Gwenllian has made us a website which I think we should include on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so here’s the link for you all to see the website:
If you require any changes to your page please contact Gwen on her email: gwenlliangriffith@gmail.com
I am beginning to design the invitations and will show everyone next week, and then I will start sending electronic invitations out to everyone on our contact list. So if you have people in mind that you would like to be invited to the exhibition night please let me know by end of next week.
Thanks everyone,

3rd May 2018

Having produced the Catalogue from all the information provided to me by Tiffany and Simone and having gained approval from everyone in the group. I finally ordered the catalogue today. 500 copies as per the group instructions. Personally I would have ordered a proof copy but the consensus of the group was that we didn’t need to. Now I shall nervously wait for delivery – eta 14th May. Below are images of all the catalogue pages and here is a copy of the pdf.