Monday 28th May 2018

I uploaded both my preparatory videos to Vimeo.

Monday 28th May 2018

I continued preparing my video work, producing a video to use on the TV in the first video room. I also finalised my plumbing work for the exhibition and made sure I had everything in the car to be used for setup on Tuesday (next day).

Photos below are stills from my second video.

Sunday 27th May 2018

I carried on working on the video and completed the video I intend to use in the back video room. This has taken a while but I am now glad that at least I have a video to project.

Saturday 26th May 2018

Carrying on the plasterwork from yesterday, I am now happy that I have enough plasterwork to complete my floor piece.

Friday 25th May 2018

I continued working on the plasterwork for the floor piece to be included in the exhibition.

Thursday 24th May 2018

I carried on the previous work that I had completed earlier in the project. I decided a plan of action and began to organise the source material so that I could access the correct files easily.

I also prepared the apology from Liverpool Council to install in my exhibition space along with 2 copies of my Artist Statement.

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Today my hubby has taken time off work to assist me in hanging my work. When we arrived however, we discovered the newly painted pristine walls in my exhibition space had been damaged by another student hanging their work in my space. After repairing the damage to the walls we got on with what we were there to do. Very pleased with what we were able to hang. I was disappointed though to find that the wall that the Helen had said we were going to discuss today had been decided in my absence. However, as always I just let it go and kept going. I just wish I hadn’t paid for the print to be hung there – (just in case). A day of disappointments that ended well.

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