Sunday 20th May 2018

I also took the opportunity to take some panoramic photography.


Sunday 20th May 2018

My Final Site Visit – somewhat sad that I’m not going to be up here so often. What is interesting though is that on each trip something has happened of significance to the project. On this occasion, we found yellow tulips placed at the spot where I had recorded the original photography using the doll and flowers. Also we discovered the Free Wales Army slogans written on the rocks at the dam. These were painted for the rally that took place in 2013 ( At the top of the reservoir near to the chapel and the disused building rubble – I came across an extremely rust hook – never seen anything like this at the site. Whilst we were collecting twigs we also came across more building wood, one piece with a hinge still attached.

Below are some of the photographs from the last Site Visit.

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