Friday 4th May 2018

Reflecting on my To Do List, my next steps are listed below – feeling a lot happier and less overwhelmed now.

Independent Study
·       Maquette of Studio Space
·       Sew Banners and Add Grommets
·       Sketchbook
·       Video x 2
·       Artist Statement – in progress
·       Costings Sheets – ongoing
·       Time Sheet – ongoing
·       Blog – Update Research
·       Experiment with Washing Line in exhibition space

Friday 4th May 2018

Today I completed by Yophoto book and ordered it. Really can’t wait to see the end result. I also wrote the introduction for the book as well. Some of the text will probably contribute to my artist statement.

Remember Tryweryn

An observational piece about the construction of the Tryweryn Dam, demolishing the village of Capel Celyn in the process. These events also prompted an overwhelming sense of Welsh Nationalism and calls for Devolution which continue to this day.

This book serves as a photographic record of the visits to Llyn Celyn that took place between January and May 2018.

At a glance, the seemingly unspoilt beauty and the peace and tranquility of Llyn Celyn cannot be denied. However, you do not have to look far to see remnants of a traumatic past.

Greeted by an orange sticker plastered over the words Welsh Water on the signage. It doesn’t take long to find the graffiti painted on the ground at the far side of the Tryweryn dam.

At the shore natural driftwood from trees mingles with aged wood that at one time was definitely structural. A discarded trainer and weathered football idly float near to the shore.

Signs of a community long since gone continue to pervade the environment. Masses of broken slate lie discarded near to the church that was built when the valley was flooded. These slates are clearly from the rooftops of the houses in Capel Celyn that were demolished.

On the first visit to Llyn Celyn, a member of the public openly commented “Look what they did to our valley! I might go and pee in it!” Most likely not the first time Llyn Celyn has provoked this reaction from a visitor.

Some might say these past events have long since been forgotten, look a bit closer and you see this is clearly not the case.

Cofiwch Tryweryn

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