Saturday 28th April 2018

I began downloading archive video material in preparation for my video work.

Friday 27th April 2018

I began some plumbing experimentation. Proud of myself for buying the right plumbing fixtures. My hubby helped me with the cutting of the pipes. On reflection I still have to work out how to attach the taps, but in principle it works. I also spent the weekend deliberating whether to spray the pipes chrome or bronze, however decided to leave them white.

Thursday 26th April 2018

Continuing to work on the brochure. Yesterday, I realised very quickly that a lot of the images were landscape, I decided to crop the images so that they fit into the full A6 portrait page.

Wednesday 25th April 2018

After receiving all the required elements for the brochure, I began to work on it. Each page is a separate Adobe Illustrator file, so this will take some time.

Tuesday 24th April 2018

I had a detailed tutorial with Emrys and we looked at the banner I had produced and visited the studio space this will go into. I also measured the studio space too so that I have an exact idea of the size of the space.

Whilst in the studio it became apparent that the banner is going to be somewhat imposing and that I would need less photographs printed so that the space is not completely overwhelmed.

Saturday 20th April 2018

Today my 5 metre banner arrived in the post from Print Fab.

Super Happy with the result!

Reviewing the photographs taken on Thursday, these are the most likely candidates to be included as part of my work.

Thursday 19th April 2018

Revisited Llyn Celyn for more site photography. Met three bikers from Liverpool on this occasion and in explaining what I was doing, I was able to clarify to myself the focus of the piece once more. That is firstly this is an observational piece of events that happened in the 1960’s anot specifically a protest. Also that this about how the Liverpool Corporation of the time rode roughshod over the community, bypassing local planning laws by gaining the Tryweryn Bill through Parliament to build this reservoir and the fact that the law has not changed, and similar events continue to happen to this day.  A selection of photographs from this visit. While I was here I collected another 50 bottles of water and more driftwood from the shore.

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