Saturday 2nd June 2018

Throughout this project I have been keeping a sketchbook. Below are images of the pages, this has provided me with a good opportunity to reflect on the extent of the work that has gone into this project.

I wrote my invigilation instructions and a note for the PAT Testing. The invigilation Instructions contained instructions for switching all equipment on and off in the TV Room and the Projection Room. The PAT Testing document located all items required to be PAT Tested by the Engineer.

Wednesday 30th May 2018

Today I completed the setup of the main exhibition space and then completed the setup of the two video rooms, one with a TV and the other with a Projection. I decided to remove the Table from the space as it was experimental and no longer fitted with my newer idea of the T Shirts as a Projection Screen. I reviewed the video’s with Helen and the proposed changes I had in mind. The projection video only required a small change, while the TV video was only partially complete.

Tuesday 29th May 2018

Today I went to college and finished the setup of my exhibition space. I’m very pleased with the outcome. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be finalising the video rooms.

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