Sun Photography

Purely experimentation and play. While I was in London I found some Sun Photography paper at the Hayward. Anyway considering my experimentations to date and my considerations on distorting archive footage I decided to see how this might work as part of my project. Today I experimented with objects and I also intend to experiment with imagery printed on acetate. Reflection  

Camera-Less Photography

I decided to look further into the techniques of Camera-less photography. These techniques may have the potential to give me the essence of objects that once were there but no longer. They show an image that never really existed, from the light dark and shadows. Always an original and not made from a negative. “Encountered as fragments, traces, signs, memories or dreams, they leave room for the imagination, transforming the world of objects into a world of visions.” Chemigram: made in direct light through the manipulation of the surface of photographs using varnishes, oils or photographic chemicals for creative…