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The following list outlines the external activities relating to Fine Art that I have completed in the 2017-2018 academic year.

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Finding a Studio

24th May 2018

I am continuing to investigate studio space and have discovered the ACS Studio Prize, which I intend to apply for.

ACS Studio Prize

The Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that administers intellectual property rights on behalf of visual artists.

The Prize: For a second year running,  ACS is offering an artist the chance to win £6,000 to contribute to the cost of an artist’s studio in the UK.

The Studio Prize was established after a number of our members’ spoke of the economic challenges they faced when starting their artistic careers. ACS realises how difficult it is to focus on your art especially after leaving university. The ACS Studio Prize was founded to help.

If you are an EU or EEA national and are an undergraduate or postgraduate university student on an accredited art course who is about to graduate, or if you have graduated from a university accredited art course within the last four years, and you work in pictures, collage, painting, sculpture, tapestry, ceramics, glassware or photography, then you are eligible to apply for the prize.

24th February 2018

I have spent some time investigating the potential for acquiring a studio – as yet I am no further ahead in this matter. During my search I found the checklist below to be particularly useful. To date, all the studio’s I have found are either too far, too cold, too small or too expensive. This is no easy Task!

Choosing the right studio for you

Here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself when establishing the right studio for you:

  • Do you prefer working alone or with other people?
  • Can you work from home?
  • What type of art do you make?
  • Would you like to work where you can also exhibit?
  • How much can you realistically afford to spend?
  • Have you researched the studio?
  • What do other people say?
  • Is the landlord flexible about when rent is due?
  • Can you sublet the space?

Looking at this list my considerations are below.

  • Do you prefer working alone or with other people?
    • I do prefer to work alone, however I am quite happy to work with other people too – this is not a deal breaker.
  • Can you work from home?
    • I am at the stage that I really need considering moving my artistic practice from my home. My home looks more and more like a storage container every day.
  • What type of art do you make?
    • Video, Photography, Installation, Sculpture, Printmaking. The issue of space arises at home when I have a larger scale piece or an exhibition to prepare for.
  • Would you like to work where you can also exhibit?
    • Being very tired of all the travelling I do, I would prefer a studio as close to my home as possible.
  • How much can you realistically afford to spend?
    • Realistically – £150 per calendar month max.
  • Have you researched the studio?
    • My research to date is below.
  • What do other people say?
    • I’ve only really heard comments about Haus of Helfa and that there seem to be a lot of ‘rules’ for having a studio space there. No Noise and no solvents in particular. It’s also exceptionally cold which would make it impractical for me.
  • Is the landlord flexible about when rent is due?
  • Can you sublet the space?

Ruthin Craft Centre – Too Expensive

I investigated the possibility of taking an artist studio at Ruthin Craft Centre. It appears to me that people tend to take on a Studio here on a short term basis. This is a consideration so that I can take part in the Helfa Gelf Open Studios event.

The Studios are Ruthin Craft Centre and individual units with 24 hour access and a seemingly perfect option – but for the cost.

Studio workshop/retail space to rent (approx. 50m2) –
for Designer makers/Craftspeople.

Current Studio vacancy: Studios 4 & 6
Approx. 50m2 (540 sq. ft)
Rent: £292+ vat per month (£3,500+ vat per annum) – £6.50 per sq.ft.

Available from January 2016
Download the information pack here

For further details please contact:
Rebecca Williams, Property Services,
Denbighshire County Council
Tel: 01824 706814

Haus of Helfa – Too Cold

I did consider Tedder House as a potential studio opportunity. However I was put off by other peoples comments. And in particular my own experience of the intense cold in the building.

he Haus Studio project provides 11 studio spaces at 26 Augusta Street LLandudno for a diverse range of practitioners including visual fine artists, photographers, illustrators,ceramists, writers and much more.

It seeks to foster a collaborative and participatory experience creating a vibrant and creative community. The  HAUS  studio project is a creative hub for  networking, exhibition and  the development of practice and peer-led mentorship for artists. Having the building, enables  the tenants to work together and form a artist-led space. We aim to create the framework for a world of ideas and inspiration which will help contribute to the  growth of  a vibrant Llandudno arts scene.

Below is the email reply from CALL Action Llandudno regarding my interest in the Studio Rental Opportunity.

Thank you for your interest in our studio rental opportunity.

We already have 10 artists residing in Tedder House, over the top two floors of the building.

Studio 9 is still available and is located on the top floor, at the back of the building. It has a window and lockable door.

The rental charges are:-

Rent – £65 per month
Service Charge – £30.97 per month
Total – £95.97 per month

Upon signing a rental agreement we will ask you for a months rent deposit, a months rent & service charge in advance and an admin/key cutting charge of £15. Total = £175.97

I attach a (draft) copy of our agreement and studio notes for you to read which will give you more information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

If you are still interested, we are holding an open viewing of the studio on Wednesday 04th October at 12 o’clock – midday.

Please let me know if you can attend the viewing as the door will be locked once everyone has arrived to ensure the safety of our existing tenants.

Kind regards

CASC Studios

For more info see

C.A.S.C. (Contemporary Art Studios Cymru) is an artist-run organisation which was founded on St David’s Day 2009 by Colin Williams, Noel Brown and Wendy Couling a group of artists seeking an appropriate space in which to make their develop their pratice.

Our mission is to support and promote emerging and established contemporary visual artists from North Wales and beyond, through affordable artist-run studios, to sustain and develop local, regional and international initiatives and to promote research and community outreach project.

CASC is a group studio with six members – Wendy Couling, Barry Morris (Badge), Antonia Dewhurst, Wendy Dykes, Jane Tudor and Vicki Frost.

This is the Studio Rental Advert that I found relating to CASC. I know this is an old advert, however it is one to keep an eye on for the future, just in case a studio becomes free.

CASC is a not-for-profit artist-run organisation which was founded on St David’s Day 2009, by a group of artists seeking an appropriate space in which to make their artwork.

Our mission is to support and promote emerging and established contemporary visual artists from North Wales and beyond, through affordable artist-run studios, in order to sustain and develop local, regional and international initiatives and to promote research and community outreach projects.

CASC Studios is a Contemporary Group Art Studio consisting of Artist members practising in a wide range of disciplines including digital media, drawing, film, illustration, installation, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

Details available on application to
Expressions of interest deadline 30 June 2013

Bodnant Gardens – Too Small

Below is the literature about Bodnant Studios. Currently they are full but my impression was that they are very clean, small with no sinks.

 Corris Craft Centre – Too Far Away

To be honest, Corris is a long distance away from my home but something to be aware of in relation to studios available to rent.

Craft shop and studio rentals for your handmade arts and crafts

The Corris Craft Centre is now fully occupied with 9 studios featuring exciting designs and crafts. However, we’re always happy to hear from anyone with a great idea and a flair for design.

Opportunities sometimes arise and we’ll happily keep your details to hand and contact you if and when this happens.  Please contact Sarah Evans of Sarah Evans Property Services on 07989 175441 or send her an email if you’re at all interested.

James Street Studios Llandudno

James Street Studio is based in the Victorian town of Llandudno, and offers a unique art experience in a warm, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

The upstairs space is used for artist’s workshops and life classes.

The downstairs has been made into an art gallery and is used as a teaching room for various workshops including printmaking, bookmaking, children’s art activities and dance classes.

James Street Studio has become a thriving centre for arts activities.

Upstairs Individual Artists’ Workshop Spaces

  • Full studio space
  • £150 per calendar month
  • Half studio space
  • £85 per calendar month

Rent for individual artists’ workshop space due on the 1st of each month. One months notice required to vacate studio.

Treborth Goods Yard

To help talented people collaborate, thrive and grow, and give them the space they need. Having a shared space makes it easy for people to share and encourage each other Digital media, film, music, dance, mixed media, photography, printmaking, sculpture, woodwork We welcome visitors to the Old Goods Yard near the Menai Bridge

“Working at the studios has allowed us the space and time together to talk and seek peer group support. We have created a ‘salon’ atmosphere to share our artistic experiences. Opening up for Helfa Gelf is part of this ongoing conversation between us and the public,” said Wanda Zyborska, 3D mixed-media sculpture, installation and showcase performance artist.

Degree Show – Research

28th April 2018

Investigating more political collage today – the following two artists I find interesting because they work in a similar way to aspects of this project that I have been considering. In relation to my own work and Tryweryn, certainly the site has a lot of historical context and the trauma experienced by the people may no longer be physically seen at the site, yet continues to this day. Cutting out or removing past elements and placing them over current elements I find an interesting way to work.

Maria Berrio

56144b221800002e00dc15a7I just draw with scissors,” Colombian artist Maria Berrio said of her practice. Her “Nativity” work above features Japanese paper and rhinestones along with watercolor and acrylic paint. “There is pleasure in the raw physicality of the art form — not simply applying a medium, but tearing it, forming it, cutting it, spreading glue with sticky fingers, feeling the various textures of the different papers … At times it seems I am more excavating a mystery hidden below the canvas than creating a work, ideally to convey that sense of awe and wonder at the majestic, enigmatic beauty of things.”

Michael Paul Britto

56142cc81800002d00dc1558Michael Paul Britto (born 1968) is a New York contemporary artist who explores the consequences of racial inequality through photography, video, collage, sculpture and performance.[1] Britto shines a light on important racial issues using contemporary art. His work has been exhibited predominantly in New York, but also internationally, with exhibitions in Spain, Poland, and England. In 2004, he won the Individual Artist grant from New York State Council of The Arts, and in 2005, he was awarded the Media Arts Fellowship Grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.[2]

Digital Portfolio

Sunday 20th May 2018

Today I prepared my digital portfolio to be used in the Viva to be held on Wednesday. The result is shown below. I have also made a PowerPoint Presentation to use in the Viva.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Castle Park Art Gallery

Friday 18th May 2018

Today I visited the Castle Park Art Gallery for the opening of my fellow students exhibition of work. A really lovely Art space and an excellent exhibition- well worth visiting.

I was particularly inspired by the red intertwining wire and papier-mâché pieces drawn from the Weaver and spent a long time sat with this piece. Although not directly related it made me reflect on my own heart and circulatory issues.



Meriem Alami // Diaspora

This space came into being as a visual documentation of existing in Diaspora and its daily challenges to construct a sense of the constant growing identity in the gap ”in-between” the original homeland and the new home, a transitional period that welcomes reconciliations of cultural differences which merge together in what is called ”The Third Space”, a space where there is a stronger cultural liaison with home of origin while growing an appreciation, respect and love for the new home and its culture, in that case beautiful North Wales.

Sarah Morley Force of Nature

Sarah works out of her studio in Vernon Mill, Stockport, where she also teaches painting and runs workshops.  Sarah’s work is inspired by nature, it’s  timeless beauty and drama. Sarah paints in an expressive semi abstract style. Colour, texture and energy are all equally important. In this exhibition Sarah presents a large number of her oil and mixed media seascapes, landscapes and abstract water paintings

Celia Rowlands // Pamela Field // Pauline Lever // Drawn from the Weaver

A fascinating exhibition by Pamela Field, Pauline Leaver & Celia Rowlands. The exhibition is a visual exploration of the River Weaver from it’s source to entry into the Manchester Ship Canal…..

Galeri – Second Year Exhibition Visit

Tuesday 14th May 2018

Today I visited Galeri to see the second year students exhibition. I felt that they had put on a good show, especially given there were a lot less of them than in our group.


Stiwdio Maelor/Helfa Gelf Residency

Update June 2018: Unfortunately on this occasion I was not accepted for this residency.

May 2018: Completed my application for the Stiwdio Maelor/Helfa Gelf Residency. Below is my application. Below is the Artist Statement I submitted along with the images.Michelle_Wright_Project-Proposal-001

Edge 2 Exhibition at Pontio – Helfa Gelf

Thursday 24th May 2018

I learned today that I had been unsuccessful in this application. I am disappointed too that I didn’t get through, however I am also very optimistic about the opportunities coming up. I always say that if something is meant for you it won’t pass you by. Being at the stage where I’m about to graduate I find that each application in itself is another experience gained, so I am thankful for having been in a position to apply.

Katie Trent from Helfa Gelf did explain in greater detail:

We had a high number of really strong applications and the selection process was really hard.  We selected on a number of criteria for the individual benefit and development of their work and also for the overall group exhibition, trying to balance artists using a variety of technology and the final work that may be produced.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Today I applied for the Edge 2 Exhibition at Pontio – details of exhibition are below. This is an opportunity through Helfa Gelf. My application is shown below.


Edge 2: Call Out for Applications

As part of our training and exhibition programme, and as a response to the interest in the Edge exhibition and seminar at Arloesi Pontio Innovation last November, we will be coordinating a mentoring and training programme followed by a curated exhibition in Arloesi Pontio Innovation’s White Box.

Do you have an interest in using new technology within your work?

Exhibition brief:  “Edge 2”
Artists will address questions about the modern world and our human experience within it.  Artists will use new technologies to innovate and push boundaries in their creative practice, helping them develop exciting new ways to better address questions about contemporary life.

The artists involved will use the technologies available in Arloesi Pontio Innovation ‘fabLAB’ from laser cutters, to scanners and 3D printers. Exploration of these new technologies will inform and innovate the creative practice of the artists.Engagement
The artists will share their journey and talk about their practice and use of the ‘fabLAB’ to Helfa Gelf/AAF members and the wider creative community. This will involve an exhibition launch event and artists will also be available at times during the exhibition period.Economic Regeneration
The exhibition will allow local artists, business people and Helfa Gelf/AAF members to understand the potential of using new technologies as a creative tool and the different ways those technologies could contribute to the development of their own creative or commercial practice.

We will be selecting a maximum of 8 visual artists who would like to spend more time in Arloesi Pontio Innovation and be part of a group exhibition at White Box, from Friday 18th Jan to Monday 11th February 2019.  You will be offered on-going mentoring support from the mentor/curator.  The selection panel will include Helfa Gelf representation and the Edge 2 curator. The mentor/curator is Remy Dean, artist, author (including Evolution of Western Art), critic and Creative Agent, who has many years’ experience as an arts tutor, coaching creatives from concept to outcome.

Arloesi Pontio Innovation part of the University of Bangor, is a leading innovation centre and one of the UK’s finest maker spaces.  API is a place where the arts meets science.  Pontio fabLAB is a facility where you can gain access to digital manufacturing and prototyping equipment.  For more information Pontio Innovation fabLAB and follow the “innovation” tab then click on “fabLAB”.

Application process
If you would like to apply, please complete THIS FORM
and send it to
Deadline:  12pm Wednesday 16th May2018
Please note this opportunity is available to Helfa Gelf and AAF members only.

Warm regards

Helfa Gelf
Training Coordinator/Cydlynydd Hyfforddiant

The Undergraduate Awards

25th May 2018

Having completed my application, I decided to submit today. Below is my application submission.


Below is my reflective statement and the images I have chosen to provide.

This body of work considers the experience of becoming decoupled from a homeland. A reflection of an individual state of being and a sense of rootlessness and longing, indicates a sub-conscious social-political element relating to the subject of Diaspora.

Influenced by the work of Mona Hatoum and Emily Jacir, this considers a life lived away from a homeland. Relevance to migration is apparent, and comparisons can be made to these social-political issues.

A symbol of rootedness taken on a migratory journey between the artist’s host country and their homeland,  juxtaposing that sense of rootedness with rootlessness and in-betweenness.

The two photographs Lostand Hopesuggest that sense of feeling lost, not belonging, yet hopeful of a brighter future. Betwixtalludes to that in-between stage experienced during dispersal from a community. Lingershows our traveller waiting to hitch a ride to the next point in his journey. Anabasisemulates a moment to wait at a bus stop and reflect before the journey continues. Pausationrefers to a moment where rest was taken and a panorama found to contemplate.

The film, Outsider is displayed in a triptych, a journey through a homeland, the Outsider represented as part of a migrating community who becomes increasingly alone as his journey continues. Noises from a protest against migration continues as a sub-conscious reference to the social-political context.

Drawing on the work of John Akomfrah, the outsider navigates a seemingly anonymous landscape, lost and isolated with his thoughts and his memories. His suitcase is empty indicating the feeling of loss and emptiness for a life once lead.

The anonymity of the landscape subverts the perception and suggests that this journey could be anywhere. An unidentified location bearing relevance to many that alludes to the fact that stories of migration like this are commonplace.

Post Graduate Study

Application to UAL for MA Fine Art Digital

29th May 2018

Today I received an email inviting me to attend an interview at UAL which can be done by Skype. The interview is organised for Wednesday 6th June 2018 at 17:00.

22nd April 2018

Immediate Response from UAL acknowledging receipt of my application.

Dear Mrs Wright,

Thank you for submitting your application to MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL).

To help you follow progress of your application easily and keep track of the updates we send you, please log in to your Applicant Portal. This is where we will send your important updates and requests, as well as allowing you to contact us with any questions you may have about your application.

We will send you an email alert every time you have an update, but you can check progress at any time. We will also send you some of the most important updates by email, but you will always be able to see all of your messages and updates when you log in to your Portal.

Best wishes,

The Admissions Service
University of the Arts London

22nd April 2018

Having spent several months investigating the possibility of post graduate study, I have arrived at the conclusion that there is one specific post graduate course that I am most interested in.

Appreciative of the fact that to only consider one option may appear short-sighted, I am making an early application, which will provide me with time to consider other possible options for post graduate study, in particular, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and Coleg Menai.

Today I completed my application for the MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College.

My personal statement for the application is as follows:

In 2013 I made the decision to move from my career as a Technical Writer to something that I could gain more personal satisfaction from, a career in the Arts sector.

On leaving school over 30 years ago I was discouraged from considering an artistic path and encouraged to get my head out of the clouds and follow a sensible route to employment.

I did the sensible thing and worked my way from Administration into IT Training and Support then subsequently became a successful Technical Writer in the Software Industry. As a result Technology has been an integral part of my career for many years.

However, whilst I gained satisfaction from producing high quality written material, I did not gain the same level of satisfaction from this as I gain when I create art. Creativity has clearly been a part of my career but not in an artistic sense.

The opportunity presented itself to begin to follow an artistic path and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I reduced my working hours to create a new routine combining full-time study with part time employment.

Moving forward, a continuation of the combination of employment and study through post graduate study is anticipated.

Becoming a BA(Hons) Fine Art Graduate in the Summer 2018 at the age of fifty will be a long-awaited achievement.

Beginning a degree in Fine Art, it was difficult for me to acknowledge that technology would come to be part of my artistic practice. Having working experience of graphics and video software, it was clear that this should be an integral part of my own artistic practice. Nevertheless, I was strongly resistant to this idea particularly given my consideration that technology was a business tool. The resistance, for me, was establishing the connection between technical ability and passion as an artist, viewing myself as a maker or creator and not multi-disciplinary.

Ultimately the conclusion dawned on me to necessitate the use of technology in my artistic practice. Still able to physically develop art, I began to further incorporate photography and video. Technology has consequently provided me with additional opportunities to display artwork in a more creative manner. Having now acknowledged the fact that technology is an integral aspect of my artwork. I am curious to expand on this further, so that the use of technology beyond my current capabilities is possible to visually communicate a theme.

During my time as a student, I have derived a more distinct sense of future life working in the Arts Sector. The aspects of Fine Art practice I am most interested in are; curatorial practice, using digital technologies for visual communication, installations, print and book making.

I am optimistic that the MA Fine Art Digital will render me the space to explore in more detail the aspects of digital technology in the artistic world.

Focussing on the use of digital technology as a tool to communicate visual ideas, this course aligns well with my way of working. It will render me with exposure to people who are working in a similar artistic direction. I am excited and inspired at the potential to work alongside other artists who are exploring a similar aspect of Fine Art.

Planning to continue to divide my time between study and part-time working as a Technical Writer, I also intend continuing living in the North Wales area. Highly committed and motivated as an individual, with an appropriate level of professionalism. I anticipate that these qualities will no doubt help in my endeavours if my application for the MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College is successful.

My hope for the medium-term future is to be in a position where I have completed a Master’s degree and be working towards a PHD. Philosophical in my outlook on life, I feel that the artistic opportunities meant for me will present themselves at the most appropriate time.