Post Graduate Study

Potential Future PHD Study

Part of my consideration for post graduate study has been to research the potential to progress to PHD study with the institution I decided to study my MA with. I am particularly interested in the TECHNE Studentship route at the moment, however this may change with time.

Research Degrees

University of the Arts London offers both theoretical and practice-based research programmes, leading to an MPhil or PhD awarded in any subject area where the University can provide appropriately qualified supervision.

We also offer a range of options for visiting students, as well as MPhil and PhD awards for a Research Degree by Published Work.

There are currently over 250 research degree students at UAL who benefit from full access to cross-College resources, interdisciplinary dialogue, and research student training via Research Network UAL (RNUAL). This offers a comprehensive programme of support and training to enhance their studies and future research careers.

UAL also offers a range of fully funded studentships for research degree students.

Please visit the Apply for a Research Degree page for information on how to apply.

TECHNE Studentships

UAL is a member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership.

TECHNE brings together 7 universities in London and the southeast of England to provide studentships and training for the contemporary postgraduate researcher in a fully-formed programme for academic, professional and early career development.

TECHNE welcomes both interdisciplinary research proposals and those focused within traditional discipline areas, and around 50 new awards, covering tuition fees and maintenance (depending on eligibility), are made each year across the consortium for a range of arts and humanities disciplines.

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