Rubber and Rust

Sunday 24th September 2017

Rubber and Rust

For the third year Induction Project, I created a six page Artist book using The Rubber and Rust Prints bringing them together using collage. My book is bound using cable ties.

Saturday 23rd September 2017

Today I decided to focus on creating rust prints from the pizza tray in my garden. I created a mixture of vinegar and water, sprayed the paper and the rust and then applied pressure and left for a few hours. I created a lot of rust prints to use for my Induction piece. the images from some are below.



Thursday 21st September 2017

Whilst considering the question Where am I at now I knew that I wanted to include some experimental printing in my piece for this project. I have spent a long time looking st surfaces in the world around me that have the potential for print and have photographed many grids around my workplace with this intention in mind.

However for this project I focused on things around my home. I’ve had an old pizza tin rusting in my garden for just this purpose and also an old car tyre. Today I focused on the Car Tyre and the rubber matting outside my back door, creating some prints using a water based printing ink.


Artist Books with Estella Scholes

3rd August 2017

Having worked with Book Making previously, I was really looking forward to this workshop. We began this workshop by creating some Flutter Book templates from A4 sheets of paper.

Once we were comfortable with the process we then spent some time practicing on prints that had been previously left at the Print Centre. As I was already familiar with the process I found it easier to get started with this.

We then discussed a variation on the Japanese Stab Stitch, a two hole version and looked at binding a book using an elastic band and a three hole pamphlet stitch.

We then had the opportunity to begin adding some covers to the books we had created earlier.