Mid Point Review Presentation

Original Script Comment Audio File Video(s) When I was about eight, my mum took me to a local reservoir where a village had been destroyed and the community moved on. 22 Previous Tryweryn Work This memory that has stuck with me for over 40 years and has prompted me to consider these events further for my latest body of work. 23 Before I started this course I reflected on the construction of the Reservoir and the effects on the displaced community of the time and the domesticity of the situation. 25 I became aware that in fact Tryweryn was not…

UAL First Year Symposium

Give a 5-minute presentation that discusses your most recent practice acting as an introduction to your work and research proposal for your fellow students and tutors. We recommend that you prepare an illustrated talk using images or video of your work. Recent Practice Key techniques used as part of my process are Collage, Printmaking, Sculpture, […]