Wildling Video Experimentation 1

Having completed constructing the Wildling, I persuaded my daughter to wear the costume for me to take some preliminary photos and videos ready for me to begin editing. Below are some of the experimental video’s that I have produced so far. See Wildling Video Experimentation 2. Focus for theses videos has been experimenting with video effects and the potential for future videos dealing more specifically with the narrative I have in mind.

Latex and Resin

Thinking further about ways to preserve all the rusty objects and the idea that these had been encased in the mud at the base of the reservoirs for decades I began thinking about ways that we preserve sentimental items. Resin was an obvious choice to me for experimentation. I began by making two moulds one from a house brick and the other from a cast iron water grid that I had acquired previously. Once the moulds were made I missed the pouring resin and poured an initial layer into the brick mold before leaving to gellify. At this point I…

Experimenting with Poloroids

Fascinated with my Poloroid camera I find the images an interesting way to present something historical that has a relationship with memory. Particularly when thinking about the fading of memories over time and how the Poloroid photographs easily become faded or overexposed depending on the environmental factors when they were taken. This is a method I’m considering to help me connect with archive footage in particular. For this experiment I used some archive images from the internet and manipulated them using my iPhone. Once printed, I then photographed them with my poloroid camera. Whilst not important to note for the…

Sun Photography

Purely experimentation and play. While I was in London I found some Sun Photography paper at the Hayward. Anyway considering my experimentations to date and my considerations on distorting archive footage I decided to see how this might work as part of my project. Today I experimented with objects and I also intend to experiment with imagery printed on acetate. Reflection