Application to UAL for MA Fine Art Digital

29th May 2018

Today I received an email inviting me to attend an interview at UAL which can be done by Skype. The interview is organised for Wednesday 6th June 2018 at 17:00.

22nd April 2018

Immediate Response from UAL acknowledging receipt of my application.

Dear Mrs Wright,

Thank you for submitting your application to MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL).

To help you follow progress of your application easily and keep track of the updates we send you, please log in to your Applicant Portal. This is where we will send your important updates and requests, as well as allowing you to contact us with any questions you may have about your application.

We will send you an email alert every time you have an update, but you can check progress at any time. We will also send you some of the most important updates by email, but you will always be able to see all of your messages and updates when you log in to your Portal.

Best wishes,

The Admissions Service
University of the Arts London

22nd April 2018

Having spent several months investigating the possibility of post graduate study, I have arrived at the conclusion that there is one specific post graduate course that I am most interested in.

Appreciative of the fact that to only consider one option may appear short-sighted, I am making an early application, which will provide me with time to consider other possible options for post graduate study, in particular, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and Coleg Menai.

Today I completed my application for the MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College.

My personal statement for the application is as follows:

In 2013 I made the decision to move from my career as a Technical Writer to something that I could gain more personal satisfaction from, a career in the Arts sector.

On leaving school over 30 years ago I was discouraged from considering an artistic path and encouraged to get my head out of the clouds and follow a sensible route to employment.

I did the sensible thing and worked my way from Administration into IT Training and Support then subsequently became a successful Technical Writer in the Software Industry. As a result Technology has been an integral part of my career for many years.

However, whilst I gained satisfaction from producing high quality written material, I did not gain the same level of satisfaction from this as I gain when I create art. Creativity has clearly been a part of my career but not in an artistic sense.

The opportunity presented itself to begin to follow an artistic path and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I reduced my working hours to create a new routine combining full-time study with part time employment.

Moving forward, a continuation of the combination of employment and study through post graduate study is anticipated.

Becoming a BA(Hons) Fine Art Graduate in the Summer 2018 at the age of fifty will be a long-awaited achievement.

Beginning a degree in Fine Art, it was difficult for me to acknowledge that technology would come to be part of my artistic practice. Having working experience of graphics and video software, it was clear that this should be an integral part of my own artistic practice. Nevertheless, I was strongly resistant to this idea particularly given my consideration that technology was a business tool. The resistance, for me, was establishing the connection between technical ability and passion as an artist, viewing myself as a maker or creator and not multi-disciplinary.

Ultimately the conclusion dawned on me to necessitate the use of technology in my artistic practice. Still able to physically develop art, I began to further incorporate photography and video. Technology has consequently provided me with additional opportunities to display artwork in a more creative manner. Having now acknowledged the fact that technology is an integral aspect of my artwork. I am curious to expand on this further, so that the use of technology beyond my current capabilities is possible to visually communicate a theme.

During my time as a student, I have derived a more distinct sense of future life working in the Arts Sector. The aspects of Fine Art practice I am most interested in are; curatorial practice, using digital technologies for visual communication, installations, print and book making.

I am optimistic that the MA Fine Art Digital will render me the space to explore in more detail the aspects of digital technology in the artistic world.

Focussing on the use of digital technology as a tool to communicate visual ideas, this course aligns well with my way of working. It will render me with exposure to people who are working in a similar artistic direction. I am excited and inspired at the potential to work alongside other artists who are exploring a similar aspect of Fine Art.

Planning to continue to divide my time between study and part-time working as a Technical Writer, I also intend continuing living in the North Wales area. Highly committed and motivated as an individual, with an appropriate level of professionalism. I anticipate that these qualities will no doubt help in my endeavours if my application for the MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College is successful.

My hope for the medium-term future is to be in a position where I have completed a Master’s degree and be working towards a PHD. Philosophical in my outlook on life, I feel that the artistic opportunities meant for me will present themselves at the most appropriate time.

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