Friday 18th May 2018

Today I visited the Castle Park Art Gallery for the opening of my fellow students exhibition of work. A really lovely Art space and an excellent exhibition- well worth visiting.

I was particularly inspired by the red intertwining wire and papier-mâché pieces drawn from the Weaver and spent a long time sat with this piece. Although not directly related it made me reflect on my own heart and circulatory issues.



Meriem Alami // Diaspora

This space came into being as a visual documentation of existing in Diaspora and its daily challenges to construct a sense of the constant growing identity in the gap ”in-between” the original homeland and the new home, a transitional period that welcomes reconciliations of cultural differences which merge together in what is called ”The Third Space”, a space where there is a stronger cultural liaison with home of origin while growing an appreciation, respect and love for the new home and its culture, in that case beautiful North Wales.

Sarah Morley Force of Nature

Sarah works out of her studio in Vernon Mill, Stockport, where she also teaches painting and runs workshops.  Sarah’s work is inspired by nature, it’s  timeless beauty and drama. Sarah paints in an expressive semi abstract style. Colour, texture and energy are all equally important. In this exhibition Sarah presents a large number of her oil and mixed media seascapes, landscapes and abstract water paintings

Celia Rowlands // Pamela Field // Pauline Lever // Drawn from the Weaver

A fascinating exhibition by Pamela Field, Pauline Leaver & Celia Rowlands. The exhibition is a visual exploration of the River Weaver from it’s source to entry into the Manchester Ship Canal…..

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