Thursday 24th May 2018

I learned today that I had been unsuccessful in this application. I am disappointed too that I didn’t get through, however I am also very optimistic about the opportunities coming up. I always say that if something is meant for you it won’t pass you by. Being at the stage where I’m about to graduate I find that each application in itself is another experience gained, so I am thankful for having been in a position to apply.

Katie Trent from Helfa Gelf did explain in greater detail:

We had a high number of really strong applications and the selection process was really hard.  We selected on a number of criteria for the individual benefit and development of their work and also for the overall group exhibition, trying to balance artists using a variety of technology and the final work that may be produced.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Today I applied for the Edge 2 Exhibition at Pontio – details of exhibition are below. This is an opportunity through Helfa Gelf. My application is shown below.


Edge 2: Call Out for Applications

As part of our training and exhibition programme, and as a response to the interest in the Edge exhibition and seminar at Arloesi Pontio Innovation last November, we will be coordinating a mentoring and training programme followed by a curated exhibition in Arloesi Pontio Innovation’s White Box.

Do you have an interest in using new technology within your work?

Exhibition brief:  “Edge 2”
Artists will address questions about the modern world and our human experience within it.  Artists will use new technologies to innovate and push boundaries in their creative practice, helping them develop exciting new ways to better address questions about contemporary life.

The artists involved will use the technologies available in Arloesi Pontio Innovation ‘fabLAB’ from laser cutters, to scanners and 3D printers. Exploration of these new technologies will inform and innovate the creative practice of the artists.Engagement
The artists will share their journey and talk about their practice and use of the ‘fabLAB’ to Helfa Gelf/AAF members and the wider creative community. This will involve an exhibition launch event and artists will also be available at times during the exhibition period.Economic Regeneration
The exhibition will allow local artists, business people and Helfa Gelf/AAF members to understand the potential of using new technologies as a creative tool and the different ways those technologies could contribute to the development of their own creative or commercial practice.

We will be selecting a maximum of 8 visual artists who would like to spend more time in Arloesi Pontio Innovation and be part of a group exhibition at White Box, from Friday 18th Jan to Monday 11th February 2019.  You will be offered on-going mentoring support from the mentor/curator.  The selection panel will include Helfa Gelf representation and the Edge 2 curator. The mentor/curator is Remy Dean, artist, author (including Evolution of Western Art), critic and Creative Agent, who has many years’ experience as an arts tutor, coaching creatives from concept to outcome.

Arloesi Pontio Innovation part of the University of Bangor, is a leading innovation centre and one of the UK’s finest maker spaces.  API is a place where the arts meets science.  Pontio fabLAB is a facility where you can gain access to digital manufacturing and prototyping equipment.  For more information Pontio Innovation fabLAB and follow the “innovation” tab then click on “fabLAB”.

Application process
If you would like to apply, please complete THIS FORM
and send it to
Deadline:  12pm Wednesday 16th May2018
Please note this opportunity is available to Helfa Gelf and AAF members only.

Warm regards

Helfa Gelf
Training Coordinator/Cydlynydd Hyfforddiant

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