Sunday 4th March 2018

Mounting the photographs printed the day before was the task for today. I have really improved my ability to work with foam board and I make much cleaner cuts now.

Saturday 3rd March 2018

I decided to prepare a collection of A3 photographs as potential photographs to use in the final exhibition. Once prepared in Adobe Photoshop, I then printed the work on A3 glossy photo paper.

Thursday 1st March 2018

I then hung the mood board on the Student Wall at Galeri and photographed it.

Tuesday 27th February 2018

To clarify my thinking and begin to add to the student wall at Galeri, I created a mood board for this project. This also helped me to gather my thoughts regarding this project.

Monday 26th February 2018

Over the weekend I was approached by Lisa Taylor at Galeri Caernarfon to ask if I was still interested in the Student Wall.

Thursday 22nd February 2018

My first task for this project was to visit Llyn Celyn and take some photography. I was a little prepared in that I had purchased a doll from the 1950’s (of the time) to use as an analogy for things that get left behind when someone is evicted. I also purchased some flowers as I feel deeply moved by the fact that there are graves untouched that have been left behind. I decided to use the same character as the previous set of work as this will create some continuity between the two pieces for the future.

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