Thursday 3rd May 2018

Today I ordered my business cards and the A1 prints. I also began working on the Yophoto book that I am planning. Below are the three images I have ordered. These prints will have holes at each of the four corners. I also ordered standoff fixtures for the A1 prints. The other ordering I did today was perspex shelf, business card holder and leaflet holder to be hung on the wall in my space.

Thursday 3rd May 2018

I completed the exhibition catalogue and finally ordered it. Super nervous that we didn’t order a proof – collective decision though. Don’t really like being responsible for such a big order, mainly because it’s not my money if there’s an issue. Will be happy once they arrive, eta is 14th May – only two weeks of sleepless nights.

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

I wrote the Press Release for the show today after doing some research on what exactly to include in a Press Release. I also emailed the Press Release to Tiffany with a few points that she will need to confirm with Helen; end date for the exhibition, does the Press Release need to be translated and Tiffany will need to add her contact details.

Coleg Menai Graduate Summer Show


BA (Hons) Fine Art Students 2018

Coleg Menai are pleased to announce a final group show presenting new works featuring all 2018 graduating artists. The featured artists are the first group of students to graduate from the Bangor University Verified Course, BA (Hons) Fine Art held at Coleg Menai.

The graduating artists featured in this show are Meriem El Alami, Kevin Branchflower, Sarah Ellen Burnell, Jasmine Pierce Dawson, Gwenllian Griffith, Karolina Konior, Hannah Louise Mudd, Cai Roberts, Glain Roberts, Tiffany Pierce, Simone Williams and Michelle Wright.

Each artist has developed a body of thematic work with contrasting processes that demonstrate the diversity, imagination, talent and skill featuring Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media, Collage, Installation, Film and Printmaking.

A compelling thread weaves through the themes presented in this diverse show. The majority of artists are presenting work that addresses social and political issues found in our modern daily lives, such as the environment, social media, social observation, homelessness, migration and displacement.

‘Emerge’ is on display at the artists place of study, Parc Menai Campus of Grwp Llandrillo Menai in Bangor and is a unique opportunity for industry professionals, potential employers, family and friends to behold the first-rate collection of Contemporary Fine Art Practice on display.

The ‘Emerge’ Graduate Summer Show begins with an opening reception on Friday 8thJune at 6:30 pm.  The show will run between 10am and 4pm each day until Friday 22ndJune 2018. All artists will be available to discuss their work at the opening reception.

For additional information please contact Tiffany Pierce, Telephone ?????? Email ???????.

Tuesday 1st May 2018

I spent most of today working on the exhibition catalogue. I did, however make a list to clarify my thoughts as to where I am at right now.

Independent Study – To Do List
·       Maquette of Studio Space
·       Still to Order:
o    Prints –
o    Book –
o    Book Stand – amazon
·       Artist Statement
·       Costings Sheets – Updated
·       Time Sheet – Updated
·       Blog – Update Research
·       Blog – Update Studio Practice – add new entries for missing dates
·       Blog – Create Page for Costings and Timesheet
·       Blog – Create Page for Emerge Exhibition Organisation
·       Measure Height of Exhibition Space
·       Experiment with Washing Line

Monday 30th April 2018

Today I began writing my Artist Statement. I have written the outline and made notes of the points I wish to include.

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