Module: Independent Study 2 Exhibit ( 40 credit) level 6
Name: Michelle Wright
Proposal & Context (what is the intended context of the proposal and what is the background thinking informing your decisions?):
For my final exhibition I am intending to maintain my current line of investigation, that of displacement, whilst making work that is relevant to the location of North Wales, with political context, not only historically but to the present day.

In 1965 Llyn Celyn was created, a reservoir that filled the Treweryn Valley and drowned the village of Capel Celyn to provide water for Liverpool, who it seems then sold the water onto other regions in the country. These events were significant politically, sparked by the Treweryn Bill passed in parliament which allowed the Liverpool Corporation of the time to bypass local planning laws and the wishes of the Welsh people and to continue with their plans to turn the valley into a reservoir.

Still a current topic, having recently passed a 50-year anniversary and with Brexit looming, Wales still does not have control of its own water. There are plans for this to change as a result of Brexit and claims that this could never happen again. However, with Devolution, the Welsh could categorically ensure that this never happens again.

This is a story I have had much empathy for, since childhood.

I am most touched by the unanswered protests of the residents, the fact that many of the family graves are still underwater, and the many personal accounts of the people who were and continue to be affected by this.

Liverpool Council did apologize in 2005, however this is widely seen as a political move with their bid for the Eisteddfod looming and too little to late.

Media & Methods (what kind of media, (in addition to sketchbooks) is going to be used – site specific work using ‘found materials’ or indigenous materials, paint, video, constructional-type materials/sculptural materials?):
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Found Materials/Objects
Aims & Outcomes (what kind of work is expected – painting, sculpture, photography, installation, combined media, performance, documentary, image/text etc?):
Completed work will be an installation that combines Video, Photography and Found Materials.

  • A0/A2 photographs on Foam Board
  • Gursky-esque piece 2.4m by 1.2m using water bottles
  • Objects collected during the project
  • Video
  • Floor piece using water bottles
Supporting Research (which artists, galleries/visits, articles, websites, journals etc will be collected and collated to show relevant research has taken place – this can go in the sketchbook or in a separate file?):
  • Andreas Gursky – this research is about technique most specifically.
  • Ivan Henriques – landscape and memory artist
  • Iwan Bala – welsh artist and writer
  • Cerith Wyn Evan – installation artist
  • Tim Davies – Swansea
  • Beca Group
    • Ivor Davies
    • Paul Davies
    • Peter Davies
    • David Garner
  • Iwan Bala
  • Book – Welsh Artists talking by Tim Curtis
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