1st June 2018 – Emerge Social Media Accounts

15th May 2018

Exhibition Meeting:

We discussed further the issues surrounding vinyl lettering and the banner. We came to a decision about what we require. Tiffany has also sent out a final contact list that the invites will be going to.

Helen also confirmed that the Press Release has gone to the media department and will be on the gllm website soon.

Hi Everyone,
Sorry this one is a bit late! So just to summarise everything from our last group meeting… We have decided on a banner for our downstairs logo and names, then having vinyl lettering in our individual spaces. Please let Hannah know if you need more than one name for individual spaces.
I have created the invites and will send you all a copy of the invite so you can check it before they get sent out Friday morning. The attached document is the final contact list that I currently have, if anyone wants to add any more names to the list then please email me by tomorrow (Thursday) with name and email address.  
Thanks everyone!

10th May 2018

The Catalogues have arrived – Yay! I informed everyone by email and will hand them out to everyone at the next meeting.


8th May 2018

Exhibition Meeting:

  • I forwarded the remaining monies to Hannah Mudd so that she can begin to look at the vinyl lettering required.
  • Gwenllian demonstrated the Emerge Website.
  • Tiffany also said she will start work on the invites.
  • We decided that the 18th May 2018 will be the invite sending out day.
Hi everyone,
So just to sum everything up, Hannah has agreed to do our vinyls for us and I have given her the list of how you would prefer your name to be displayed. We should have enough left in our money pot to cover the costs of the vinyls and to also buy some flowers and a card for Helen as a thank you for the past three years.
Gwenllian has made us a website which I think we should include on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so here’s the link for you all to see the website:
If you require any changes to your page please contact Gwen on her email: gwenlliangriffith@gmail.com
I am beginning to design the invitations and will show everyone next week, and then I will start sending electronic invitations out to everyone on our contact list. So if you have people in mind that you would like to be invited to the exhibition night please let me know by end of next week.
Thanks everyone,

3rd May 2018

Having produced the Catalogue from all the information provided to me by Tiffany and Simone and having gained approval from everyone in the group. I finally ordered the catalogue today. 500 copies as per the group instructions. Personally I would have ordered a proof copy but the consensus of the group was that we didn’t need to. Now I shall nervously wait for delivery – eta 14th May. Below are images of all the catalogue pages and here is a copy of the pdf.

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