20th March 2018

A lot was discussed at this meeting – we came to the Group Name Emerge – and reviewed the pricing of the catalogue.

As a group we agreed to go with an A6 catalogue (Portrait) and 500 copies. We agreed a price of £40 each for the catalogue to be given to myself after the Easter Break in time to order the Catalogue.

Hi everyone,
So today at the exhibition meeting we have discussed and agreed on a lot of stuff.
We all seemed to agree that the group exhibition should be called ‘Emerged‘ which is ‘Ymddangos‘ in welsh. As a group we thought that this was a good word to describe us getting together to exhibit our work.
We have looked at the pricing for the catalogue and it seemed to be that the most expensive catalogue option would be a total of £380.40 which would be £31.70  – so if everyone could please budget £40  to cover the costs of the catalogue. We will begin to collect the money after the Easter holidays once our student loan comes in.
Lastly, could I please have all your images and 50 word text for the catalogue via email. I still need Sarah, Jasmin, and Karolinas.
If you could also please send the chosen image for the catalogue to Simone – samwillz@yahoo.co.uk
Also if you require any welsh translations please send a copy to Glain – glain_rob@hotmail.co.uk
If we can all get this sorted before the first Tuesday back after Easter (3/4/18) as we can then get the catalogue started.
Thanks everyone,
Have a nice holiday,

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