10th April 2018

Our third Exhibition Meeting we all agreed that the Exhibition name should be Emerge as this has a more positive impression that using past tense for the word.

A chase up was also done for any remaining people who had not provided the images/text to Tiffany and Simone.

We also discussed an invite list and agreed to provide a list of people we would like to invite – professional and personal.

I also requested everyone write their name as they would like it to appear in the catalogue.

Hi everyone,
So just to sum up after our meeting today, we have all agreed upon using the name
‘Ymddangos Emerge
without the ‘D’ on the end, to use as an exhibition name. We’ve also agreed on the logo that Simone has designed for us.
Simone needs all your images sent via email to her in JPEG file. Glain needs all text sent via email to her for welsh translations.
By next week:
We all need to come up with a contact list of who we wish to invite to the final degree show by next week so we can put them all together to create one big contact list. These will be people such as art coordinators / artists etc.
Also just a reminder that Karolina and Cai will be doing research on vinyl pricing for the exhibition which will be an extra cost (pricing to be confirmed) on top of the catalogue which we all need to pay Michelle £40.
Thanks everyone,

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