26th April 2018

Continuing to work on the catalogue until I had a final first draft. I also received the final welsh translations from Tiffany.

25th April 2018

I began work assembling the catalogue. As part of this I noticed that most of the images had been provided in landscape and not portrait, so some cropping has had to take place to maximise the potential for display in the catalogue.

24th April 2018

We had another meeting where we discussed the following:

  • Images – all images had now been handed to Simone and she forwarded them to myself.
  • Translations – outstanding translations provided to myself by Tiffany, with the kind help from her Dad.
  • Monies – money from everyone collected by myself in preparation for the catalogue.
  • Contact List – still some people outstanding.
  • Logo – new logo agreed and with this work can now start on the catalogue and the Social Media accounts.

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