1st May 2018

We also had a meeting with Helen and Emrys where they reviewed the Catalogue and gave us some key dates.

  • Next Week Painting Studios from Wednesday to Friday.
  • Vivas are on the 23rd May.
  • Studio open half term 29,30 and 31st May.
  • External Assessment 11th and 12th June.
  • Provide Statements next week.
  • Ty Menai will be dismantled over half term too.

1st May 2018

Today we had a meeting and reviewed all the actions to date.

  • I asked everyone to approve their pages for the Catalogue and showed a proof version of the catalogue. I also mentioned the cost of a proof being nearly £30 and the group collectively decided not to have a proof printed and just to print the 500 as is.
  • Tiff confirmed that we do need a Press Release and Press need to be invited to the exhibition. I offered to write the Press Release.
  • A Talking Heads video will need to be completed.
  • We agreed a date to send out the invitations – 18th – 21st May.
  • Vinyls – these still need to be agreed and someone needs to take responsibility for them.
  • Gwenllian also asked for all the Emerge Materials so she can update the website.
  • I asked everyone to approve their pages and the proof of the catalogue.

Hey everyone!

So this is just an overview of all the things we covered in todays group meeting. Everyone has checked over their section of the catalogue and have given Michelle the go ahead to order the job lot of them. This means that the catalogues are finally done!
We have all social media aspects up and running, and the website is getting created now.
Just a reminder that I need everyone’s contact list, so once I’ve done the invitations we can then send them off via email between the 18th and 21st of May.
Helen has confirmed with me that we will in fact need to write up a press release which Michelle has taken on board, and we will also be inviting the press to the big open night. We will also be doing a talking heads interview in our own spaces when the work is all up, which will probably take place on the Thursday in half term 31st of May. 
The final thing we need to sort out next Tuesday is buying vinyls for the exhibition.
Everything is coming together quite nicely now and we’re almost done with this part of the degree show, thanks to everyone for their team work!

1st May 2018

After reviewing the first draft, making changes to the catalogue today. Also ensuring that the number of pages is divisible by four for the printing requirements. Provided a draft copy of each students page for approval to each student in college and emailed the three students not in college for approval.

  • Created a final draft to be agreed at today’s meeting.

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