The purpose of this tutorial with Gareth Polmeer was to further discuss the first draft of the research paper handed in on the 25th September 2019.

I mentioned that the text was not yet complete and that some of the referencing required further attention and we briefly discussed the referencing, particularly what was required where I had paraphrased or discussed a particular text.

We also discussed the use of the text Evocative Objects by Sherry Turkle and it’s purpose as a key point of reference for the document. Gareth suggested I emphasise the text as methodological and discuss further how it translates into my analysis, considering it being typically epistemological in relation to objects in particular.

I raised my own concerns that the writing was not yet complete and that it felt out of order to me and my intentions to restructure the writing so that it flowed better.

Gareth suggested that I reflect more deeply on the abstract and the aims of the paper, suggesting that currently it was more narrative and descriptive with less reflection on the research. Further suggesting that my method of research being used could be defined more clearly in the writing.

Suggesting I needed to do more than just describe a method but to use that method to explain how a particular artist or piece of work supports the theories of philosophy with the potential to propose an outcome, suggest new ways of seeing or shed new light on a subject. The purpose of the research question being to propose what is being evaluated and then use the main body of text and the conclusion to demonstrate how I’ve reflected as a practitioner. This reflection providing a discussion around elements of my own practice and how the research has influenced my own work as a practitioner.

Further Reflection

After my tutorial with Gareth I began to reflect further on the methodology I was using and could see clearly that I had not discussed my research methods at all in the research paper to this point.

Thinking more deeply about how I had undertaken the research I realised that I was using Documentary Analysis to review previous writing about the philosophies and artists I was discussing. I realised that my paper was structured using qualitative research to understand why people remember the way that they do. I was also reflecting of written conversation analysis to provide me with an ethnographical view point, so, in essence to be immersed in a collective community to further understand the theories of memory discussed. The research was also typically practice led, discussing the methodology, theory and practice both of the artists and my own to provide a complete reflection of how the research had influenced my own artwork.


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