The following outlines the proposed work schedule for use moving forward. This is a working document and will change as time passes.See Also:

Date Proposed Work Actual Work
02/10/2018 Presentation Prepared Symposium Presentation
09/10/2018 Presentation Prepared Symposium Presentation
16/10/2018  Liverpool Trip Visited Liverpool Biennale
23/10/2018 Binaural Audio, Tutorial Created Binaural Audio and had Tutorial discussion
30/10/2018 Binaural Audio, Project Proposal Created Binaural Audio and Project Proposal Draft 0.
06/11/2018 Site Visits, Haweswater, Thruscross, Derwent, Project Proposal Site visits to reservoir locations and Project Proposal Draft 1.
13/11/2018 Site Visits, Tryweryn, Project Proposal Site visit to Tryweryn and and Project Proposal Draft 1.
20/11/2018 Sound Box, London Trip London Trip – Sound Box postponed until later.
27/11/2018 Video, Project Proposal Created video for Pop Up Show, Project Proposal Draft 2
04/12/2018 Video, Project Proposal Created video for Pop Up Show, Project Proposal Draft 2, Sound Box
08/01/2019 ASMR Audio, Stitch and Making Fragments – Part 1, Roof Slates and Latex, Research – Evocative Objects, Fabric Samples, Stitch making postponed
15/01/2019 ASMR Audio, Stitch and Making, Fragments and Latex – Part 1 – Objects, Stitch making postponed
22/01/2019 Video, Stitch and Making Tutorial
29/01/2019 Video, Stitch and Making Fragments and Latex – Part 2 – Prints, Stitch making postponed
05/02/2019 Distortion, Stitch and Making Rusting Objects, Fabric and Latex, The Wildling – Part 1, Stitch making postponed
12/02/2019 Distortion, Stitch and Making Latex Masters – Part 1, Latex Masters – Part 2, Sketch Book Pages, Citrasolv, The Wildling – Part 2, The Wildling – Part 3, The Wildling – Part 4, Fragments and Latex – Part 3, Stitch making postponed
19/02/2019 Low Residency London Gallery Visits, Low Residency – Day 1 – 35mm Slides, Low Residency – Day 2 – Group Tutorial, Low Residency – Day 3 – Gallery Visits, Low Residency – Day 4 – Sound Workshop
26/02/2019 Low Residency London Gallery Visits, Low Residency – Day 6 & 7 – Collaboration, Low Residency – Day 8 – Copyright, Low Residency – Day 9 – Thriving and Surviving as an Artist, Low Residency – Day 9 – Group Tutorials
05/03/2019 Distortion, Stitch and Making Reflection on Reflection
12/03/2019 Distortion, Stitch and Making Mid Point Review Presentation, Mid Point Review Comments
12/03/2019 to 12/05/19 Easter Break Sun Photography, Research – Lucas Samaras, Research – Casting with Resin, Experimenting with Poloroids, Latex and Resin
01/11/2019 to 08/5/2019 Professional Practice – Video Production The Garden Shaman, The Garden Shaman – Retrospective
14/05/2019  to 18/6/2019 Video Experimentation Wildling Video Experimentation 1, Wildling Video Experimentation 2, Wildling Video Experimentation 3, Wildling Video Experimentation 4


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