Wanting to continue on from my previous experimentations in Fragments and Latex – Part 1 – Objects and Fragments and Latex – Part 2 – Prints and Rusting Objects I decided to further this work by using the latex to lift the rust from the objects and produce a more cohesive piece of work.

Although this line of enquiry has been looking at lots of fragmented objects, they all have a commonality about them in the fact that they are objects that evoke a memory of a past (home, life, experience, situation).

I laid out my objects on a piece of glass from an old glass table and then began pouring the latest. At this point I had no idea even if the pouring method I was using would be successful in this instance.

Once the first pouring had dried (left for roughly 24 hours) I then began to brush additional layers onto the objects which at this point were securely in place.

I then created a fabric layer in the piece to provide structure and applied an additional two coats of latex (in total one poured layer and four painted layers).


Finally after a whole weekend of pouring an layering I decided then to dig the objects out from the constructed piece.

Finally revealing the final object.



The act of pouring the latex onto the glass worked very successfully, however it was really difficult to dig out the objects – with perseverance though this did work well. What was really good about this digging away at the objects was the fact that in reality when I first found the objects they were sunk into the mud of the reservoir base and some had to be dug out when I first found the objects.

I really like the effect made when the rust is held into the latex and this gives an imprint of the physical essence of the objects having been rusting away under water for many many years.

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