Continuing on from Fragments and Latex – Part 1 I rescued some of the early failures and instead of using actual objects I used ink jet prints to experiment with. The prints were on 140 gsm ink jet paper.

I applied two coats of latex onto the slates and then simply laid some of the paper before painting the next layer of latex – some I painted the latex first and then applied the prints – finishing off with a final two coats. One thing I deliberately didn’t do was to add a fabric structure to the pieces.

When I first removed the pieces from the slate after having applied anti fungal powder – I really felt like it was an epic fail – however after leaving the pieces overnight I changed my mind and really like the result.

To ink jet printed paper did not adhere to the latex at all – however it created an interesting effect where there were almost pockets in between the paper and the latex, almost entombed but not quite. The interesting thing for me is this is potentially a good way I can begin to construct an assemblage of fragmented archive footage and a good way of adding a layer of additional distortion to the imagery.

I wanted to start with some stitching using the leather thread that I had used in the past. I decided to use these experimental pieces as my sketchbook cover.

I concluded that although the end result was a happy accident I needed to experiment further with paper and latex.

I went through the whole process again but this time using laser prints and 80 gsm paper.

This time the paper did adhere to the latex however it ripped inside the latex providing me with another interesting distortion of imagery.


These pieces began their lives as the latex and object experiments that went wrong. I had removed the object after layer 2 and decided to use print instead.

Initially I began with ink jet prints and a heavier paper. There is something in the ink that repels the latex and this created the interesting effects found on my sketchbook. Happy Accidents definitely.

Overall I think the best way forward with paper is laser print and a heavier paper – unless I am looking for the effect that I found with the inkjet paper.

I was also considering stitch at this point and stitched a sketchbook cover together which was somewhat successful and is giving me something to think about as this project moves forward.

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