For this group tutorial we were divided into groups of three and were given a clear plan of what we were to do. 20 minutes for each person, You had to describe your problem, challenge or choice and then the other two people in the group had to ask open questions only. The purpose of this was that when responding to the open questions, you have the opportunity to access your own inner teacher. At the beginning we were given a finite amount of time to reflect on what our issues for discussion were.

My issues were:

  • Worried about contextualising my work and preparing for my research paper
  • Reached a point where I need to reflect further on other artists and
  • how this reflection can add additional depth/layers to the work I’ve created so far
  • Need something to add extra impetus to the work
  • Worried about producing a meaningful performance piece that integrates well with the rest of my work
  • Scaling up ?

My brief notes from the comments given were:

  • Balancing Research in Action with Actual research tasks
  • Copeland Park Gallery
  • Welsh artist
  • Visit actual performance
  • Fiorellis process
  • Draw performance steps
  • Choreography
  • Look at performance artists
  • Look at other materials silicone glass wax different plasters
  • Fibreglass
  • Natural degradation over time

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