Skype Meeting – 5/3/19

Today we reviewed some of our blog posts with a view to improving our reflection. I will reflect further on the comments I have been given once I have thought them through in more depth. The blog posts I used were as follows:

The comments on my reflection were as follows:

Jonathan, 13:52
ok Michelle – so can eveyone take a couple of minutes to look at Michelle’s posts

Jonathan, 13:52
just the 2 posts linked above

Jonathan, 13:56
so any thoughts or comments for Michelle about those posts?

Alexis, 13:57
I like the beginning of the ‘not so good’ post. It connects the technical with the philosophical/contextual

Aristotle, 13:57
Both seem reflective to me

Pav, 13:58
Visually reflective

Jonathan, 13:58
I agree – both are good reflections – the 1st post abtou latex provides detailed notes of the process which will be very useful in the future to refer back to

Matt, 13:59
Michelle I think I understand why you chose those two – I think your reflection is very thorough in terms of your process – trialling and testing. It is easy to read and the visuals are very helpful. I like your foil molds! Im sad those pieces fell apart actually because they look lovely

Jonathan, 13:59
Michelle, you have also specifically commented about what you would do differently next time, or how to develop the ideas

Alexis, 13:59
I like the fragments at the end of the foil post

Jonathan, 14:00
I agree with several of you commenting about the visual reflection, the photos really help

Michelle, 14:00
I felt that I didn’t reflect enough on the not so good one – I got fed up with it and just left it there whereas I could have thought more about what went wrong and how to fix it…

Alexis, 14:01
Michelle, how would you feel about documenting your response to the process in non- technical terms in addition?

Jonathan, 14:01
fix it and also what could develop from the fragments…??

Matt, 14:02
Yes – analysing the potential of the fragments might be developmental

Michelle, 14:02
Alexis I agree the non technical would be a really good addition

Jonathan, 14:02
Michelle this line is great – ‘The greatest challenge in completing this task is the one thing that always raises it’s head and that is my lack of patience…’ really useful self reflection

Michelle, 14:02
Jonathan I just ended up making a mess – still have the fragments though

Matt, 14:02
Or the potential of the parameters you are setting yourself with the latex

Alexis, 14:02
Michelle – thinking about the implications on your ideas, future work and developing your conceptual narrative

Michelle, 14:03
Lack of Patience is probably my biggest challenge

Alexis, 14:03
I have found that if I do that then the technical and the conceptual can move forward hand in hand

Jonathan, 14:04
Michelle but as you are very aware of the patience challenge, that provides a signifcant foundation to build patience

Michelle, 14:04
That sounds good Alexis I’ve been struggling with keeping the technical and the conceptual together

Alexis, 14:04
Michelle, what I do is think about the materials and ways of uusing them and what it means to me, existentially, practically and philosophically

Alexis, 14:05
How what I do represents my deepest self

Pav, 14:06
What is your creative intention Michelle?

Matt, 14:06
In our group tutorials Michelle the concept came across very strongly – I think it does in those two posts as well. Maybe relating the process back to the nature of the concept (loss, fragmentation, wrongs) like you say Alexis might be something to continue

Michelle, 14:07
Pav For now – just to experiment and play – take some time to work with materials and processes

Pav, 14:07
Are you trying to communicate any concepts? Dilemmas?

Alexis, 14:07
Michelle and Matt – as you experiment, you could think about what you do reflects on who you are and your past and future self

Michelle, 14:07
Definitely Matt I’ve been thinking very much recently about how we contextualise our work and what I can do to make this stronger for me

Michelle, 14:10
Pav I’m discovering that something I thought was about memories from events that have nothing to do with me are actually metaphors for personal memories and experiences from my childhood

Alexis, 14:11
Michelle – so true, I always go back to early days to see what it is that makes me truly tick. Things may change but there are some elements that do not

Matt, 14:11
That strikes a real chord with me too

Pav, 14:11
Is it about memories, remembering or forgetting?

Michelle, 14:13
Its about all of that Pav memories of being moved from Scotland as a small child and wanting to return and remembering those times as well as forgetting – losing lots of my memory in recent years through illness

Alexis, 14:13
Michelle,. there will be a core in there that is reflected in what yuou do

Alexis, 14:13
Probably physical and conceptual

Alexis, 14:14
Michelle, find it and it will communicate

Michelle, 14:14
Thanks everyone for your comments – really useful


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