After the clay masters produced in Latex Masters – Part 1 had dried they had lifted off the tin foil and left a pattern that reminded me of the dried reservoir beds that I had witnessed on the Site Visits – Haweswater, Thrusscross & Derwent and Site Visits – Tryweryn

I decided to create some plaster masters using the left over tin foil.

I folded up the sides of the tin foil to create moulds.

I then made and poured the plaster. My impatience overtook again and I bought builders plaster instead of plaster of Paris so the moulds took much longer to dry.

The end result (though not really the end result) was quite interesting but very crumbly and broke really easily.


Although I liked the end result in practicality the pieces all fell apart and crumbled massively. Really disappointed with this so deciding to park this idea for the moment until I can get my head back into plaster work.

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