Developing the Fragments ideas further I was thinking about where I found the pieces and the fragments lying in the reservoir bed form a more solid piece to use artistically.

I decided to create some masters from clay the could be used with latex. I rolled out four pieces of clay onto tin foil so that I could move the clay elsewhere to dry. Then I began pressing my fragmented objects into the clay. I also made a clay mould for a gate bolt as well.

While the masters were drying they lifted off the tin foil and became interesting pieces in their own right.

I now plan to redo the masters but hold them flat while they dry.

Here are some of the images I took while doing this experimentation.


As the clay dried, it curled up at the corners and although this wasn’t what I wanted, it did make the masters interesting objects in their own right.

I plan to redo this and make sure the clay stays flat as it dries so that I can then prepare it further so that I can apply latex to it.

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