During the Sound Workshop with Ed Kelly Sharktracks.co.uk we experimented with recording sound using field recorders and then editing sound using Audacity.

Ed spoke about the field Recorder the Zoom H1 and the Quadraphonic Field Recorder Zoom H2. He encouraged us to consider sound events when recording sound and we experimented with removing Hiss from the audio.

Before we recorded the sound we set the audio levels on the devices so that the sound being recorded was at an appropriate level.

Some of the features we experimented with in Audactity were:

  • Noise Reduction
  • At Zero Crossings
  • Clip Reduction
  • Fade tool
  • Paul Stretch
  • Change Speed – metallic sounds increase size
  • Enveloping pro rechargeable batteries
  • Harmonics and Middle C (Potential to use my Tuning Forks)

I am more concerned with impercetible sounds in my recordings and this was my focus during the workshop, although I did record some sounds in the stairwell and then some smaller sounds. Here are some of the experimental audio tracks I created during the workshop.

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