Number 1 Rochester Square

A former nursery site abandoned and derelict and then taken over by the current owners who are in the process of developing the space further to improve on the current studio offerings to local cermic artists. Placing importance on clay as the core material we walk upon and eat from every day and having collected clay from around London they use it in current projects.

Annka Kultys Gallery

We visited the work of Aaron Scheer at Annka Kulty’s Gallery. He creates digital posters and images from on-screen source material which he then digitally manipulates until a painterly effect is achieved.

Arebyte Gallery

The Re-figure Ground Exhibition at Arebyte Gallery was an interesting and immersive place to be. Although I found it to be somewhat overwhelming – being a completely digital exhibition. I didn’t have a go of the VR as these often make me unwell. However I observed that everyone appeared to be really impressed with the experience.

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