The reason I am interested in looking at Image Transfer is due to the fact that there is a lot of archive material relating to the events surrounding the building of the reservoirs and the removal of the community that has potential to be distorted and used in this project. I am also keen to use Image Transfer with Fabrics as a way of adding more depth to the fabric pieces I envisage.

Prior to the course I had used the following Image Transfer processes.

  • Transferring inkjet printed images using water.
  • Transferring laser print images using Mod Podge.
  • Using T Shirt Transfer.

New Image Transfer Processes are:

  • Citrasolv Image Transfer for National Geographic pages and Laser Prints. Can be used to transfer photographic images onto fabric, paper, wood and other surfaces.
  • Poloroid Image Transfer, otherwise known as Emulsion Transfer where the emulsion from the poloroid is transferred onto another surface.

Citrasolv Image Transfer

I took a step away from overly thinking about my project and spent some time experimenting with Citrasolv (on Jonathan’s recommendation) What Fun!!! Having purchased a collection of second hand National Geographic magazines and waited patiently for the Citrasolv to arrive (3 weeks) I was ready to go.

It’s a messy job to be sure and the area has to be well ventilated – my whole house smelt of oranges. Latex gloves are a must as it can irritate the skin.

I set about identifying images I was interested in and soaking them in Citrasolv before leaving them ‘to cook’. The Citrasolv essentially dissolves the ink on the page. After some time text can be rubbed out.

Quite impressed with the results so far.

I then experimented a bit with laser print not so successful but had some interesting outcomes. The first – glossy photo paper and rubbed the Citrasolv into the ink.

Secondly I used the Citrasolv from the back to transfer onto paper and fabric.

Finally thinking along the lines that my art tablecloth is an evocative object in its own right hold lots of memories of work previously done. I produced these:

I’m going to try and identify a cheaper more accessible alternative as I really like this process.




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