Using the video footage created at Thruscross, Haweswater, Derwent and Tryweryn I created a video piece with the intention of creating a sense of remembrance. Using layering and light techniques I brought together archive footage with material I had shot on my earlier site visits. My intention was to create a feeling of nostalgia and the sense of peace that can be found at these reservoirs nowadays.

I decided to produce two video’s one in colour and one in monochrome so that I could decide later which was my preference.

Below are stills from the colour video:

Below are stills from the monochrome version of the video.


Producing this video really made me look at the footage I had shot in more detail and made me reflect deeper on the events that had happened and how I could visually communicate these events in the future.

I learned more about Premiere Pro during this work, in particular creating and saving customised effects. In the future I hope to return to the video work and experiment more with effects in Premiere Pro.

I felt that I had achieved a sense of nostalgia although I would like to experiment further in a more abstract way with video in the future.

The most challenging aspect of this work was the time-keeping. I always leave video work until the last task in a project – this has always been a flaw. Although I didn’t do this on this occasion, I didn’t really leave myself enough time to experiment more fully with the content. I intend in the future to make video work a more ongoing experimentation so that I can improve my skillset further. There are definitely greater challenges ahead for me in experimenting with video, particularly given that there is a lot still to learn in this area.

More time spent on experimentation will make this part of my work definitely more stimulating and interesting for me.

All that being said, I was pleased with the result, however.

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