Having previously decided to investigate using lighter weight fabrics for my digital prints and an interest in creating a metaphor for the loss of homes and community in the context of collective and personal memory I have been thinking a lot about my own personal memories of home – particularly reflecting on my mums house (my childhood home).

The idea of using a washing line originally came from the idea that since the onset of the automatic washing machine and the ability to tumble dry our clothes washing lines are seen less nowadays. Something else I associated with home from those years 1960’s onwards was the plain old fashioned net curtain.

So I decided to order some samples of lighter weight fabric akin to net curtain material.

I ordered a chiffon sample and a netting sample. The images below are to give an idea of the fabric samples.

Before I received the samples I would have definitely said my preference would have been the net sample yet when they arrived the chiffon was noticeably more tactile and fluid and had an ethereal sense about it.

I decided to make good use of the samples anyway and used them again in the Fabric and Latex experiments.


I think the best thing about ordering these samples is that I ordered several different types of fabric so that I know what will work the best. In actual fact, the one I thought would be the best – net fabric turned out not to be. The chiffon has a much lighter ethereal presence about it which lends itself to the historical nature of the subject matter. From here I intend to spend some time choosing the images very carefully.

The piece, Memory by Christian Boltanski displayed at the Kunstmuseum in Wolfsburg expands this further into an installation where the 1200 portraits printed on net fabric are continually in motion and the scene continually changing.

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