On arrival in London the day before the MA Fine Art Digital Low Residency, I spent some time at the V& A and the Saatchi Gallery before finding my accomodation.

V&A: Trajan’s Column

As I had some time to kill I decided to visit Trajan’s Column, this is an exhibit that always impresses me by the sheer scale of the work. Comprised of reliefs made from plaster and built up in sections they cover the outside of a brickwork column. The reliefs are each numbered so that they could be reassembled easily at the V&A. I have only seen the columns from above previously and it was a good opportunity for me to be on the ground looking up at the columns.

Saatchi: Black Mirror Art as Social Satire

Below are some of the pieces that we saw while at the Saatchi.

Full Circle by Georgii Uvs

Marriage by John Stezaker displays publicity shots of classic film stars spliced and overlapped with famous faces.

Endless Endless by Des Hughes – A polyester resin, iron powder, fibreglass, plastic and wood sculpture that resembles a prone figure.

Couch and From 2nd to Third by Roman Stanczak

After Louise by Wendy Meyer


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