This was the first day of the Low Residency and we were divided into groups for a day of collaborative making using 35mm film.

At the start of the session Jonathan gave a short presentation that spoke about ways of seeing using the way that a tree grows as as a metaphor for an ideal society where in the natural growth cycle of the tree all the leaves grow in such a way so that they all receive the most light that they can and how if people were also equally exposed to opportunity the society as a whole would prosper and not just the few who gained more exposure.

With this in mind and in our groups we set about gathering materials and preparing our 35mm slides. Each group were provided with a 35mm slide projector and we were able to use this to test the slides that we had made. As we tested the slides we had made, we also photographed the projected image at the same time.


It was a beautiful day outside and we also took some photographs outside. We decided to project the colour slides and photograph the monochrome slides outside.


Once we had all the photographs we divided into two smaller groups, one preparing puppets to create a narrative of sorts and the other to put together a video using all the material we had gathered so far. We used iMovie to prepare the video. The Group Final Video is displayed below:

This was a really fun day where we got to play with some cool projection and get to know each other in the process. We worked really well as a group and everyone had good ideas to contribute.

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