Friday 2nd February 2018

Proud Moment – I attended the opening of Aperture at Balaclava in Caernarfon. While talking to the organisers it came into conversation that the chair and suitcase used in the photographs were in my car, so they asked me to bring them in and display them with the rest of the exhibition.

Monday 29th January 2018

Prepared my hanging instructions, packed my work and delivered it all to Galeri to be collected by Becs and Menna on Wednesday. Here are the hanging instructions I produced.

Michelle Wright – Hanging Instructions for Aperture

Please contact Michelle on or 07912 733371 if there are any issues.

Contents of Box

  • Lost – A2 Photograph on Mount Board.
  • Betwixt – A2 Photograph on Mount Board.
  • .Hope – A2 Photograph on Mount Board.
  • Nine Small Bulldog Clips (3 extra if required).
  • Nine Small Hooks (3 extra if required).
  • Outsider Video on DVD
  • White Bush TV and DVD Combi with Stand, White Remote Control and Power Cable.
  • Wall Mount suitable for the TV and DVD Combi.
  • Bush Headphones
  • Large Hook to hang headphones on.

Hanging Instructions – Photographs

  • Photographs are to have two bulldog clips (supplied) each and be hung onto the supplied hooks.
  • Please hang the photographs in the order shown below.

Hanging Instructions – Outsider Video on DVD

  • The DVD player can either be used on the stand or with the Wall Mount (supplied).
  • The headphones are to be attached to the DVD player and there is a hook supplied to hang them on.
  • The Remote Control is only required for switching the DVD player on.
  • The DVD will start automatically and will loop continuously.

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