26th January 2018: Reflection

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Eli Acheson and the other people involved in this project. Being able to use my video skills for someone else has given me an increased feeling of confidence in the marketable skills that I have.

The potential for future collaboration discussed with Eli is something very clearly to look forward too. I’m really glad that Eli was happy with the work that I produced for her.

Being able to work on video in a creative way, yet utilising the professionalism from my career in the software industry certainly has shown me that these two aspects of my working life can co-exist very easily.

I feel very proud of the video’s I have produced for Eli, something I probably wouldn’t have vocalised in earlier years.

I also really valued the opportunity to work at Galeri in Caernarfon again and hope that they will consider me again for future projects.

24th January 2018

After discussing the video clips that I had produced earlier, I then had some editing to do. Primarily to create a documentary style piece of the performance and to add titles to specific clips that I had created.

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