March 2017 – London Sketchbook

I did spend time during March completing a sketchbook after the trip to London.

February 2017

Our yearly Fine Art visit to London consisted of a visit to the following:

  • Tate Modern
    • Robert Rauschenberg Exhibition
    • Living Cities Artist Room
    • Louise Borgeouis
  • Tate Britain
    • Paul Nash Exhibition
  • Chelsea School of Art
    • Talk from Harold Offeh
  • Saatchi Gallery
    • Painter’s Painters Exhibition
  • Whitechapel Gallery

Overall, a good trip, this year – less overwhelming, however, I do think I practiced discernment in respect of what I wanted to see. In comparison to last year, it was much less rushed and I felt there was time to appreciate the art we were there to see.

I also feel though that last year there was a lot of pressure on us to see absolutely everything we could and on reflection, some of that pressure was perhaps placed on us by ourselves.

I did hear a few comments about how people didn’t want to see a particular piece or exhibition because they didn’t like the artist.

This got me thinking about why we visit exhibitions and indeed if I thought the same way. I don’t though, I believe that every exhibition can give you inspiration of some kind. Sometimes you might not ‘like’ a piece, however, it is up to us as artists to look beyond that initial feeling and investigate the piece in more detail, in particular how it was made and how the artist communicated the subject matter through the piece.

We can all be a bit dismissive at times and it is a conscious effort that makes us spend time with a piece and begin to understand it on a deeper level.

I gained a lot of inspiration from the trip this year and feel a growing confidence in my own artwork that is only amplified by the observations made during this trip.

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