Inspired by the recent experience in Printmaking that I have gained during my second year at Coleg Menai, I was excited to discover the Printmaking Scholarship at the Regional Print Centre which I have decided to apply for.


For the application I require a CV, a completed application form and six images of work. The Images I included with the Proof Scholarship Application are shown below:

Links to my CV and completed application form are below:

I also emailed Helen Jones, my Course tutor and Darren Hughes, my Print tutor to ask their permission to provide references, emails shown below:

My response to the questions in the application form are shown below:

Why are you applying for the Proof Programme? (Max 200 words)

As an emerging Fine Artist, my work involves many processes that tend to culminate in the development of Art Installations that incorporate traditional methods with modern techniques, such as printing and sculpture with film making. In the past year, my artwork has evolved significantly using Social, Cultural and Political Themes such as Migration and the Refugee Crisis.

I recently developed an innate love for the techniques and process of print making which has helped me become more inspired about my artwork, and has developed my interest in integrating printmaking further with digital editing and film making.

Recently inspired by the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition, I am keen to develop my printing skills on a larger scale to include layering. I am especially interested in developing this knowledge further by using the photo emulsion technique.

Working with film and installations, I like to push artwork as far as I can and I’ve recently integrated print and photography when I produced a set of gravure prints which I then projected onto cellophane and a pizza base to create some interesting photography – I really enjoyed the experience of integrating the printmaking with digital photography techniques.

What printmaking experience do you have? (Max 200 words)

When attending Denbigh College I had the opportunity to experience Mono Printing as part of the course. This was my first exposure to any printing techniques.

During my first year at Coleg Menai, I then had the opportunity to work again with Mono Printing. I also worked with Acid Etching, I created a Collagraph and completed some Photo Etching (Gravure) and also Lino Prints.

As part of my second year I decided to work solely with one technique to further integrate with the technique, I completed a series of photo etched prints as part of my current Print Module.

In December I attended a one-day Screen Printing workshop with Tara Reid in Denbigh, North Wales.

I recently saw the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London.

How will taking part in the Proof programme benefit your artistic practice and career aims? (Max 200 words)

As I move into the third year of my degree, I am considering the integration of video/digital photography with more traditional methods such as printmaking as a subject for my Dissertation.

Taking part in the Proof programme will help me to gain valuable experience that can help me reinforce the principles of traditional printmaking which I then hope to discuss as part of my Dissertation, which ultimately will give me a solid foundation to base my future art practice upon.

A lot of my artwork includes text and I am already experimenting with creating textual prints using traditional printmaking methods that can be used as digital projections. I hope to continue with these processes in the third year of my degree as part of the Negotiated Study modules.

I am hard working and committed individual and hope to work further with printmaking and film as I move into the third year of my degree and into the future as I begin working professionally as a Fine Artist.

Moving forward it is my intention to continue as a practising artist in the North Wales area I am keen to establish mutually beneficial links with a Print Centre at this early stage in my Fine Art career.

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