John Hedley

Natural Forms / Crete and Ynys Mon (Works in Progress)

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 Hedley’s prints and paintings depict the primordial essence of the world we inhabit. They are detailed and complex studies of seemingly random forms found in nature, particularly tree bark and sections of rock formations.

This exhibition is the first of five to periodically showcase work made by John Hedley as part of a two-year project funded by the Arts Council of Wales, and has been curated by Anders Pleass.

List of Works

Since 2012 I have been working on a project, which was supported by Arts Council Wales, based on stress, layering and cracking by looking at geology in Ynys Môn and more recently the island of Crete.  I have also been interested in the similarities between aspects of geology and arboreal features such as old olive tree trunks.  At the start of this project I spent much time researching photo etching and ways of combining it with more traditional methods of intaglio printmaking.

Having a love of Crete, I have been keen to see this exhibition for some time, so was delighted to discover that these two artists were exhibiting together.

Being an avid collector or branches, along with shells and rocks, and a keen interest in the natural forms that these take, I particularly found the tree bark pieces very interesting and inspiring.

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