Regional Print Centre Open Access

2nd August 2017

I decided to practice some screen printing at this Open Access Day at the Regional Print Centre. I had a few goals that I wanted to achieve during this day.

  • Create some textured prints to be used in the Artist Books with Estella Scholes workshop running the following day.
  • Prepare a Screen and Print from it to gain experience of using the light box.
  • Practice some gradient printing.

I decided to create a stencil from newsprint as a start to the practice of creating some textured prints.


I then experimented with adding ink directly to the screen for a more textured look a feel.


Once I had cleaned the screen, I then experimented further with gradients.


Finally, I prepared an image on a screen ready for printing and then printed that image and included some of the gradient prints too. As an experimental day, very happy with the results.


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