The Regional Print Centre’s entries to the 20:20 Print Exchange 2017 can be viewed here:

Through the Regional Print Centre, I am taking part in the 20:20 Print Exchange run by Hot Bed Press in Manchester.

20:20 Print Exchange started in 2009 as a project between Hot Bed Press in Salford and Red Hot Press in Southampton, (we decided against calling it The Heat Exchange). We liked the format so much we quickly decided to roll this out to more print workshops. It has grown each year. Over 50,000 prints have been created and exchanged in the past 6 years.

Every artist is asked to produce a new edition of 25 prints on paper size 20cm x 20cm, (paper size).

Tuesday 10th October 2017

I decided to do a three colour screen print using two colours of ink, the third colour being produced by the layering of one colour ink over the other. I went to the Regional Print Centre to expose my positives onto my screens so that I could print at home.

Thursday 19th October 2017

Once the positives were on the screens I then set about printing my edition of 25 prints.

I dried my edition prints on my living room floor.

I’m very pleased with the end results, particularly as this is my first edition of 25.

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